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Bellona Novatian
Home Settlement Temple of the Ancestor Moths
Location In the yard
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Cult of the Ancestor Moth
Bellona Novatian

Bellona Novatian is an Imperial found in the yard of the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. She has a distinct distaste for you and all three Alliances.


"While the Way of the Peaceful Fist cannot prevail against the hordes that stole our Elder Scrolls, it is sufficient to defend ourselves against wayfarers who come to despoil this refuge."
Who stole your Elder Scrolls?
"As if you don't know! Soldiers of the alliances did―yours and the two others. I care not to name them; they are all equally foul in my mind. Talk to Moth Priest Crassius in the temple, if he can tolerate your presence; I am done with you."