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Barys Rendo
Location Farm north of Vos
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Barys Rendo

Barys Rendo is the Dunmer owner of a farm north of Vos, who desires to sell his land and move to the city.

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Rising to Retainer[edit]

Approach him at his farm after speaking to Eoki and he'll say:

"Ah, another adventurer. If you've come looking for saltrice, you'll have better luck in the market. Slim harvest, you know, and we're a bit shorthanded at the moment.
My son, Seythen, has gone missing, you see. You haven't run into him have you?"
I'm afraid not. I actually came to ask if you'd be interested in selling your farm.
"Wouldn't I! I gave up work as a financier in Balmora for a chance at the simple life. I love it here, but my wife … she struggles with the agrarian life.
We'd jump at the chance to leave, believe me—but not before finding our boy."
If I find your son, you'll sell me your plot?
"Yes, in an instant! Like I said, Ninave's practically packed her bags already. If you bring back our boy, we'll sell.
Seythen's always been a thrill-seeker. Probably got lost in that Daedric ruin, Esutanamus. You'll find it just east of here."
What can you tell me about this Daedric ruin?
"It's called Esutanamus. Seythen's taken an interest in Daedric history. A waste of time if you ask me, but I do admire his enthusiasm.
We spoke about the shrine just a few days before he vanished. Apparently it venerates that monster, Molag Bal."
Have you seen any Daedra there?
"I don't go anywhere near that place. We've got enough troubles here. Lean harvests, clumsy Telvanni wizards, my wife henpecking me to death …. No, I'll not invite some plague from the House of Troubles as well."
All right. I'll see what I can do.
"Thank you, serjo. Be careful, and Three protect you."
"Do hurry to the ruin. Vivec only knows what mischief that boy's fallen into."

After rescuing Seythen, Near Vos, you'll find him speaking to his father:

Seythen Rendo: "You came after me? You're getting as bad as mother. I'm not a child!"
Barys Rendo: "Believe me, I'd rather be bagging our crop, but you know how your mother is. She won't give me a moment's peace."
Seythen Rendo: "Fine …. I just need a breather."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"There you are. Sorry to check up on you. I knew you had the situation well in hand, but Ninave practically kicked me out. Said not to come back without Seythen. I'm glad I won't be going back empty-handed."
He attracted the attentions of some winged twilights.
"Attracted the attentions …? Never mind, I don't want to know.
I'll miss this place, but Vehk knows I'm not much of a farmer. I'm just glad I got to thank you in person. Your partner, Mertis, already paid me for the deed to the property."
My partner? I don't have a partner.
"What? Oh dear. The fellow was very convincing. Caught me right before I set out to find Seythen.
He wasn't much of a conversationalist—just paid me a hefty sum of gold and snatched up the deed. He set out toward Vos once we finished the sale."
"I'm terribly sorry about this business with Mertis. I can typically smell a bad deal the minute it walks through the door. Must be losing my edge."


  • Barys and his family only appear during Rising to Retainer. Otherwise their farm is abandoned.