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Ayleid Ghost
Location Dresan Keep
Species Ghost
Reaction Friendly
Ayleid Ghost

Ayleid Ghost is an apparition you meet in Dresan Keep after reading a Faded and Dusty Scroll and opening the nearby Ayleid chest.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest Related Events[edit]

As soon as you open the chest, he'll appear and say: "Ma seate … auta! Auta!"

If you try to speak to him, you'll only get:

Who are you?
"Ge epea veyn! Eve as gravia lambe ye lael."
I don't understand what you're saying.
"Ne goria! Heca! Delia ye metana Gandra Lambe, sino."
I'll try to find something to help me understand you.

Try speaking to him again, and you'll only get:

"<The ghost glares at you and does not respond.>"

Once you find the pendant with the golden tongue, you can return to him and suddenly understand him:

"It returns! I told you to go!"
I can understand you now. We can talk.
"How fortunate for you. But no one ever considers the wants and desires of a ghost.
Oh, very well. Let's get this over with."
Why were you trapped in that container?
"What a presumptuous question! Such temerity!
You are very rude, just like my brothers. They bound me here. They were jealous of my powers, my stature!"
Your brothers bound you here?
"Yes! I intended to aid the Direnni against the Alessians. I hoped to get land from King Ralethiel as a reward.
My brothers bound me here so I could not participate. They never returned for me!"
That war is long over. The Alessians lost.
"They did? Well, I'm glad to hear that, at least. Forgive me. I have been languishing alone for a long time. Can you release me?
You would need to destroy the relics that bind me—the Seal of Anchoring, the Animus Needle, and the Soul Prison."
I'll destroy the artifacts and set you free.
"Destroy the relics! They keep me trapped here."

Do as he says and he'll now say:

"I can feel the grip of those accursed anchors releasing. After all this time, I am free!"
What will you do now?
"In truth, I do not know. My people are long gone.
I could move on to Aetherius or I could remain in Tamriel. See what became of the land after the Alessians were defeated."
You should pass on to Aetherius. The time of the Ayleids is over.
"You have shown me that I am as much a relic as the objects in this vault. A thing of the past. Adrift. It is time to go. I shall find Aetherius.
And, at long last, peace."
Seeing how the world has changed might interest you.
"Truer words have rarely been spoken. Thank you for setting me free.
.But heed this bit of advice before I depart. Not everything you meet in ancient ruins shall be as cordial as I. Fare you well."