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The original Ebonheart Pact quest line was different from the version that made it to release. In particular, many side quests were changed. A Hermaeus Mora cult in Stonefalls, a temple dedicated to Jyggalag, and diseased cliff racers were all part of different storylines.



Priest of Jyggalag[edit]

Priest of Jyggalag: "Oh Great Jyggalag, return to us!"
Priest of Jyggalag: "He will bring me to him."
Priest of Jyggalag: "Wait… No. No! His portal… opens… inside me!"

Jyggalag's Portal opens inside the priest, killing him.

"You found the name of Jyggalag inscribed in the ruins? How curious. Jyggalag was - is? - the Daedric Prince of Order. We know little of him. It is as if he disappeared in the Mythic Age.
You saw nothing more in the ruins? Hm."
"My three children are all I have. They may be grown up now, but I worry just the same.
Those statues lured my sons away. When they didn't return, my daughter went to find them.
She bears an amulet of Jyggalag. I pray it offers her protection."
Who is Jyggalag?
"Jyggalag is one of the Daedric Princes that rules over Order.
While we are loyal to the Tribunal Temple, some of our ancestors worshipped the Daedric Prince. We've retained their amulets as heirlooms.
My daughter has one. I have another."

Ebonheart Pact
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I found a temple dedicated to Jyggalag, one of the the [sic] Daedric Princes. I watched an apparition reenact a ritual for summoning it, but the ritual had a gruesome ending. The ghost was torn inside out, and a portal opened inside him.

The Fireworks Launcher[edit]

Ebonheart Pact
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Daja asked me to light the fuses on his fireworks launcher, then kill the grumpy Daedra when it appears once again to smash the launcher.
I have killed the Grumpy Daedra, an Ogrim, who smashed Daja's fireworks launcher each time he attempted to use it. Daja should be pleased. He's waiting on the crest of Overtop Hill.

Blighted Shalks[edit]

Ebonheart Pact
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I was able to endure Meridia's trial, and kill the blighted shalk. I should talk to the initiate that accompanied me before returning to the Wise Woman.
I've dealt with the penitents. I should speak with <<1>> at the conclave to let her know.