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Aid a Wrothgarian Khajiit after a trip to his homeland went awry.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Zhasim
Location(s): Senchal
Reward: Southern Elsweyr Reward Chest
Topal Corsair Jerkin
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP
ID: 6413
Recover the gourmet Moon-Sugar
Zhasim, a Khajiit raised by Orcs in Wrothgar, came to Southern Elsweyr to help his uncle get his shipment of gourmet moon-sugar to market in Rimmen. But Zhasim and his guard Maezi were robbed and his cat Winks ran away.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find Maezi and Winks.
  2. Recover the Gourmet Moon-Sugar and the bandits' Moon-Sugar Plans.
  3. Meet with Zhasim and Maezi in Senchal.
  4. Recover the last of Zhasim's uncle's moon-sugar from Punzala.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

While traveling towards Black Heights near the wayshrine, you will see a familiar face. It's Zhasim from Wrothgar! He's passing through Southern Elsweyr to deliver some of his uncle's gourmet moon-sugar to a client in Rimmen. Unfortunately, his group was waylaid by bandits, who stole the product and scattered his company. He needs your help investigating his camp so he can find Winks the cat and his guard, Maezi.

At the camp, there is a single bag of moon-sugar, Zhasim's dagger, which was given to him by his brother before he left for Elsweyr, and some bushes. Investigate the bushes and Winks will come out. Winks meows for a bit, then beckons you to follow. The cat leads you across the ridge to the east until you reach an incline. At the bottom of the hill, below Khenarthi's Arch, is a camp full of smugglers. Zhasim urges you to search the camp for Maezi while he looks somewhere else. Maezi can be found around the corner in the first set of ruins at the bottom of the hill. Untie her so she can go off to look for Zhasim. Before she leaves, she urges you to look around the smuggler camp. Exit the corridor Maezi was held captive in and head straight south through the camp to find a note. Once you've read the note, exit the camp and meet the company at the bottom of the hill further south.

The group is reunited, but the moon-sugar has yet to be found. The note you found mentions that a third of the moon-sugar shipment is headed to Senchal, while the rest was taken to two drop points: one by the river north of the swamp, and another at an old farm. You'll need to find the other two-thirds of the gourmet moon-sugar while Zhasim and Maezi investigate Senchal for the last set of cargo. The first third is just south of your location, in a small nook by the river. Kill the smugglers and take the cargo. The second batch of sugar is southeast of here, at a farm on a cliff near Ri'Atahrashi's Training Ground. The sugar is in a trunk in a burned down house. Next to each shipment of moon-sugar is another note, detailing a plot to mix Hizhikar's sugar in with the smugglers' stash. Once you have both sets of cargo, head north down the cliff towards Senchal to meet up with Zhasim.

Zhasim and Maezi are in the marketplace, in an alleyway leading towards the wayshrine. They couldn't find the last part of the shipment here. The note you found with the other two shipments details where the last portion is. The cargo is located across the bay from Senchal. You need to take the last bit of cargo before it can be tainted. If you don't, and word gets out that a crate full of Hizhikar's gourmet moon-sugar was anything but, his reputation will be ruined.

You will find the last of Hizhikar's Cargo on the beach south of the Forsaken Citadel. The trunk it's in is guarded by a bandit named Punzala, so you may have to kill her to retrieve the goods. When you have it, meet with Zhasim back in Senchal. He is in the marketplace in front of Mero Dobellis' House, where he is negotiating with some merchants. Speak with Zhasim to be rewarded for your efforts.

Quest Stages[edit]

Another Khajiit's Tale
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I agreed to help Zhasim examine his camp for any clues concerning the thieves who robbed him and stole his uncle's gourmet moon-sugar.
Objective: Find Zhasim's Camp
I arrived at Zhasim's camp. I should talk to him and get more details about what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
I should search the camp for clues as to who attacked Zhasim and stole his uncle's gourmet moon-sugar.
Objective: Search Zhasim's Camp
Hidden Objective: Examine the Dagger
Hidden Objective: Search the Sack
Hidden Objective: Check the Shrub
Hidden Objective: Theater
I found Zhasim's cat, Winks. Zhasim asked her to find his guard, Maezi, and the cat ran off. I guess I should follow the cat and see where she leads us.
Objective: Follow Winks
Winks led us to a smuggler camp. I should talk to Zhasim and see if he thinks these are the thieves who robbed him.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
Zhasim is sure that his guard, Maezi, is in the smuggler camp. I should look around and see if I can find her.
Objective: Find Maezi
I set Maezi free. She went to check on Zhasim and asked me to see if I could determine what the smugglers did with the stolen moon-sugar. I should look around the camp.
Objective: Investigate the Smuggler Camp
I found a note detailing what the smugglers plan to do with the stolen gourmet moon-sugar. I should find Zhasim and Maezi and let them know what I learned.
Objective: Talk to Maezi
The smuggler's note mentioned two locations where they were going to stash the stolen moon-sugar: an old farm where they distilled skooma and a river drop north of the swamp. I should see if the moon-sugar is still there.
Objective: Find the Gourmet Moon-Sugar
Objective: Talk to Maezi
Optional Step: Talk to Zhasim
I spotted another note from the smugglers. I should take it and see what it says.
Objective: Take the Smuggler's Plan
Objective: Find the Gourmet Moon-Sugar: 0/2
I should bring the moon-sugar I recovered and the note I found to Zhasim and Maezi in Senchal.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
The smuggler leader, Punzala, has the last portion of the stolen cargo in her base across the bay from Senchal. I should go there and retrieve the remaining portion of the gourmet moon-sugar.
Objective: Find the Gourmet Moon-Sugar
Hidden Objective: Kill Punzala
I recovered the last of the stolen gourmet moon-sugar. I should return to Senchal and give it to Zhasim.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
Finishes quest☑ Zhasim made a trade arrangement with merchants in Senchal. I should talk to him about what he plans to do next.
Objective: Talk to Zhasim
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