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Annia Sisenna
Home City Imperial City
Home Settlement Aldmeri Dominion Base
Location Tel Var Stone Exchange
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Annia Sisenna

Annia Sisenna is an Imperial found at the Aldmeri Dominion Base in the Imperial Sewers. She is the wife of Famius Sisenna.


Her situation is bleak.

"Any minute now, those chains up there are going to drag this whole city into Coldharbour. Might as well get used to it. Molag Bal is in charge now."
"Famius and I were talking just the other morning, saying we wanted to start a family and such. That idea's just laughable now."
"We've lost everything, everything but our lives. And in a place like this, even those have little value."
Is there no hope?
"None that I can see. The Imperial Army's been decimated. Most of our friends and family have been killed. Our home has been burned down.
I'd say the omens don't bode too well for our future."
But the Dominion is here now.
"Hah! You think that's going to make a difference. You think Queen Ayrenn can just march in here, twirl her golden locks and save us?
That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard."
What is it like up above?
"Much like down here. Perhaps it's sunnier, unless Molag Bal has destroyed that too.
He probably will. We'll all die, sooner or later. I pray that it's sooner. Famius tries to keep my spirits up, but he's wasting his breath."