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Animation Canceling is the practice of using one animation to cancel another, typically to increase damage output.

Light Attack Weaving[edit]


A video showing varying degrees of cancellation of light attacks. When the animation appears to 'jump', the animation has been completely canceled. When the light attack accelerates and finishes faster than it otherwise would have, it has been partially canceled.

The most common kind of animation canceling is in Light Attack Weaving, which is when the animation of a light attack is canceled by a skill's animation. This is beneficial for resource generation, increasing the rate at which Ultimate is gained and, depending on situation, other resources. It can also dramatically increase damage output by doubling the amount of triggers for procs and adding the damage of weapons to DPS. It is done by light attacking, and then canceling the animation by using a skill. This can be difficult to master consistently, but a variety of addons are available to help PC players learn to weave.

Other types of animation canceling are possible, including:

  • Canceling heavy attacks with skills
  • Canceling skills by swapping bars
  • Canceling skills by blocking