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Home City Stormhold
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Angwe is an Altmer chef found in the city of Stormhold. She is friends with Veenaza, a local hunter, and tends to drink heavily when hanging out with him.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you approach her, you can hear her kicking herself.

"Oh, what have I done?"

Speak to her.

"If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times … no more drinking! My head's splitting, my mouth feels like a kagouti nested in it, and I'm in serious trouble.
I don't suppose you'd care to help out a down-her-luck chef, would you?"
How can I help you?
"Go back in time and cut out my tongue! No, then I wouldn't be able to taste my wonderful cooking.
Last night, I made a terrible bet with a hunter friend of mine, Veenaza. I told him cooking was art and hunting was peasants' work. He took offense."
Tell me about this bet.
"I boasted I'd hunt Shadowfen, collecting ingredients from exotic animals: an alit's heart, a kagouti's ribs, eggs of a giant wasp, and delicious mudcrab claw meat. I'd meet him in Hissmir and prepare a feast to prove it.
But I can't hunt!"
I'll hunt these creatures and meet you in Hissmir./Where can I find the beasts I need to hunt?
"That's one of the problems. I know you can find these beasts all over Shadowfen, but I don't know where. And I'd get killed if I went roaming around the swamps!
You'll … you'll have to ask Veenaza. But don't let him know I sent you!"
How do I do that?
"Just appeal to his vanity. The old lizard's pride got me into this—I don't see why it shouldn't get me out, too!
He's probably just outside the city, hunting. That's what he does all the time. Thinks he's the greatest gamesman in Shadowfen."
By the way, what are the terms of your bet?
"Don't ask! What I have to do if I lose... it doesn't bear thinking upon.
Just know that if I lose this bet, I'll have to stay drunk for the rest of my life to live down the shame!"

Speaking to her again:

"If you do the hunting, I'll do the cooking. I promise you won't regret helping me beat Veenaza!"

Meeting her in Hissmir:

"You made it! I wasn't sure if you would. I haven't had a drink in days, but if you've got the ingredients I need, it's time to celebrate!"
I did your hunting. Now what?
"Give me the meat … quietly! Veenaza is here, and he's suspicious. But if he doesn't see you pass me the ingredients, he'll have to admit I won the bet!"
Glad I could help.
"Help? You saved me from a fate worse than death! What that Argonian had planned … well, you'll see! The claw's on the other foot, now.
Please, take this reward. It's not much, but you've earned it tenfold."
Let me think for a minute.

If you decided to give the meats to Angwe:

"I can't wait to see the lizard's face. He won't ever tease me again!"
Angwe: "All right, you lizard! Here's the meat I collected. Pay up!"

If you decided to give the meat to Veenaza:

"I heard what you said! You told that filthy lizard about our deal! Well, there's no going back now! Give him the ingredients and I'll pay the price.
Fancy me trusting some strange wanderer …."
Angwe: "Veenaza is a hunter, he hunts both east and west! If you ever need a hunter, Veenaza is the best!
I'll never be able to show my face in Hissmir again …."

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