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Help Renzir to move on from his mutinying crew.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Karnwasten — Help Renzir recover his cached items.
Quest Giver: Renzir
Location(s): Karnwasten
Reward: Renzir's Smuggled Smasher
Sea Sload Dorsal Fin
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard

Renzir, a Khajiit merchant, was betrayed by his first mate Madja. He requested that I recover his trade shipments, kill Madja, and find out what happened to his wife, Nubani.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Renzir to accept the quest.
  2. Enter Karnwasten.
  3. Recover 3 trade shipments.
  4. Find and kill Madja.
  5. Talk to Nubani.
  6. Throw the shipments in the sea or return to Renzir.
  7. Talk to Renzir.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Renzir at the entrance to accept the quest.

What do you need me to do?
"This one has three trade shipments scattered across the port in caches. Recover them, and he can start a new life.
Madja must also be disposed of, for she will not rest until Renzir is hunted down."
Anything else?
"Renzir's most precious treasure is his wife, sweet Nubani. Last he saw, she was near our ship. This one suspects she has cleverly hidden herself, but will need help to escape.
Do all this, and Renzir will make sure you are rewarded."
I'll recover your shipments, kill Madja, and find out what happened to Nubani.

Enter Karnwasten. Kill Madja. Recover the three trade shipments, each in a chest. The objectives can be completed in any order.

  1. In the north corner of the south-west cave, between crates and a barrel. You will receive Valenwood Perfume.
  2. South of the inaccessible rocks near the east entrance. Between 2 rocks. You will receive Book of Tamriel Religions.
  3. On the east side of the west cove, at water-level, near some barrels. You will receive Azura Idol.

Go to the main cave of Karnwasten and find the ship docked at the central pier. Talk to Nubani on the ship.

"Did Renzir send you? Nubani hopes he cared to mention his wife alongside his goods."
Yes, he did. He wanted to make sure you're all right.
"So he send you in his stead? How touching.
No doubt Renzir first mentioned his shipments. Worth enough for us to finally retire, yes? But this one fears her husband will never leave his life as a smuggler."
He's a smuggler? He told me he was a trader.
"A trader? If only we could have such a peaceful life. No, the only thing Renzir delivers to Summerset is contraband. That's why we port within this cave.
Perhaps though, with your help, I can finally force his paw."
Force his paw? With what?
"Putting an end to this dangerous life. If you dump those smuggled goods into the sea, then his only option will be to sell our ship and settle down.
What do you say? Renzir never has to know."
Why should I betray Renzir? How will this help him?
" "Just one more trip," Renzir tells me. "Just one more trip."
But it has been five years, and Nubani tires of hiding in caves and waiting for night. She loves her husband, but fears he will never stop. He just needs the right incentive."
Have you tried talking to him?
"Many times. Loudly. Repeatedly.
If we trade our ship, there will be no choice but to settle down. An honorable life in the sun is all this one asks. It's what Renzir wants too. He just needs the right push."
No. I made a deal with Renzir, and I'm going to honor that. (If you choose to save the shipments)
All right. I'll dump the shipments into the sea. (If you choose to dump the shipments)

If you choose to dump the shipments, go to the end of the east pier in the main cave and throw the shipments in the Deep Waters. Head out of Karnwasten and talk to Renzir outside.

"You return carrying nothing, and with no one at your side. Have you failed? Did you find this one's Nubani?"
Madja is dead and Nubani is fine, but your items were lost to the sea.
"First Madja steals my crew, then my only means of survival? Oh, how will this one tell Nubani. He promised her a life of riches and luxury. Now we'll have to sell the ship just to get by.
Still you've done much. Thank you, walker."

If you choose to save the shipments. (?)

Quest Stages[edit]

An Unexpected Betrayal
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Renzir's trade shipments are scattered in caches throughout the cave system. I should collect them. I should also kill his traitorous first mate, Madja.
Objective: Recover Trade Shipments: 0 / 3
Objective: Kill Madja
I recovered Renzir's goods and killed Madja. Now I should find out what happened to Renzir's lover, Nubani.
Objective: Find Nubani
I found Nubani calmly waiting for me in Renzir's ship. I should talk to her and see what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Nubani
(One of these two options will appear depending on your choice to honor the deal with Renzir or dump the shipments)

Nubani revealed that Renzir's a smuggler, and she worries he's addicted to the lifestyle and will never settle down. She asked me to dump Renzir's goods in order to force him to retire, which I refused to do. I should speak to Renzir.

Objective: Talk to Renzir

Nubani revealed that Renzir's a smuggler, and she worries he's addicted to the lifestyle and will never settle down. She asked me to dump Renzir's goods in order to force him to retire, which I agreed to do so. I should dump the goods.

Objective: Dump the Shipments
☑Finishes quest (One of these options will appear depending on your choice to honor the deal with Renzir or dump the shipments)

Nubani wanted me to destroy Renzir's good to force him to retire, but I chose to honor our original agreement. I should collect my reward.or
I returned Renzir's shipments to him, but I persuaded him that Nubani is truly worried about him choosing his smuggling exploits over their future. I should collect my reward. or
I dumped Renzir's goods so that Nubani can force him to retire. I should go to him and tell him that Madja is dead, Nubani is safe, and his shipments have been lost to the sea.

Objective: Talk to Renzir

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