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Investigate the disappearance of pilgrims around Molag Mar.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Molag Mar — Investigate the pilgrim disappearances around Molag Mar.
Quest Giver: Buoyant Armiger outside of Molag Mar, Captain Naros in The Penitent Pilgrim Inn
Location(s): Molag Mar, Almurbalarammi, Helan Ancestral Tomb, Dreudurai Glass Mine
Reward: Tribal Helm of the Defiler
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 5877
The pilgrims' path, full of peril
A Buoyant Armiger warned me of pilgrims being attacked on the roads and directed me to speak to Captain Naros at Molag Mar if I wanted to know more. [if taken from a Buoyant Armiger]
Captain Naros, a Buoyant Armiger, is investigating a rash of disappearances near Molag Mar. I agreed to assist her in getting to the root of the cause. [if taken from Captain Naros]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Captain Naros.
  2. Investigate the Ashlander camp at Almurbalarammi.
  3. Investigate the pilgrims' campsites.
  4. Talk to Ibaal at the Helan Ancestral Tomb.
  5. Investigate the tomb.
  6. Talk to Baren Maloren.
  7. Lead Ibaal to the glass mine.
  8. Talk to Captain Naros at the mine entrance.
  9. (Optional) Rescue any survivors in the mine.
  10. Kill the Ruddy Broodmother.
  11. Return to Captain Naros.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Missing Pilgrims[edit]

As you approach Molag Moral, you will encounter Buoyant Armiger outside the town in multiple places (even one near the river, fishing). Speak to one, he will warn you of the dangers on the roads.

"Be wary, traveler. Pilgrims have been attacked on these roads. Should you encounter violence, don't hesitate to call on us. We're here to protect you."
I can handle myself, but what's the cause of these attacks?
"I hope your confidence is merited. We have our hands full with the dreugh and the Ashlanders, so rescues are in short supply.
Captain Artisia Naros is at the canton of Molag Mar. She can tell you more than I. Safe travels."
I'll speak to her.
"Captain Artisia Naros is handling the situation at the canton of Molag Mar. If you think you can help, she'll be glad to have you."

Enter The Penitent Pilgrim Inn, you can find Captain Naros upstairs. Talk to her, she will reveal the recent problem of the town, as well as her penchant for verse making (you can also start the quest directly by talking to her):

"If you're passing through, pay attention. I'll say this once:

'Pilgrims who ignore my warning,
Vanish from the roads by morning.
Whether you're from near or far,
Best keep your arse at Molag Mar.'"
That's an unusual way to issue a warning.
"I find it best to put official notice in verse. Helps people remember, and reminds them Buoyant Armigers aren't Ordinators. Nobody wants to talk to them, even other Ordinators.
Now if I could get someone to tell me who's attacking these pilgrims."
You need someone to look into that?
"If you're offering? I suspect Ashlanders are behind the disappearances, but I don't have the numbers to chase them off.
If you can sneak into their camp near Molag Mar and find me proof of their involvement, I could finally get some reinforcements."
I'll see what I can find.
"Avoid killing the Ashlanders, unless they give you no choice. I don't need you starting a blood feud with my forces split.
Now, I must be off to hold the heroic line, at a deeply fishy mine. Such is the life of a Buoyant Armiger."
Why do you suspect Ashlanders are responsible?
"As a rule, they don't like us. So when our people start disappearing not long after an Ashlander tribe set up camp near Molag Mal, I wager it's more than a coincidence."
What's the trouble at the mine you're headed to?
"Just a dreugh infestation. We have them contained. They're an untimely distraction, but nothing we can't handle. Once the dreugh finish mating, we'll clear them out while they're still sluggish. Shouldn't be more than a week."
You're a Buoyant Armiger? / Just what is a Buoyant Armiger?
"Vivec's finest: fleet and fit,
Besting heretic by sword
And Ordinator by wit.
Sworn to live a life of noble grace,
Except to laugh in danger's face.

And sometimes we kwama-wrangle groups of pilgrims. Warrior-poets are quite versatile."


Go to Almurbalarammi near the town to investigate if the Ashlanders camped here are involved in the recent disappearance of pilgrims. This is a restricted area, meaning that if you are caught trespassing you will get a bounty, and the generic Ashlanders at the camp will attack you.

Once you get there, first look for evidence of Ashlander's involvement. You'll find Wise-woman's Journal Page and Ritual of Appeasement, which give no hint of Ashlander's involvement of pilgrims' disappearance. But these document do mention that the Ashlanders come here to perform Daedruc rituals and there are also tribe members went missing. Next climb the Ladder to reach the Ritual Site and further examine the Stone Altar:

<Blood and entrails are strewn over thus stone altar. It is unclear what they belonged to, but they are fresh. Something died here recently>

Once you're done searching the altar, you'll suddenly hear a voice behind you:

Ibaal: "Caught in the act! You have much to answer for!"

Speak with him:

"Is this why you sneak through our camp, to desecrate our sacred rites? Do the slaves of the false gods fear us so much they won't even face us themselves?
Why are you here, outlander? Answer truthfully and I may only hobble you."
The Buoyant Armigers believe you've been attacking pilgrims on the road. I'm here for proof.
"Always, they blame us for their ills! If they seek our deaths, they should just come for them!
These ploys and ambushes are the acts of cowards!"
Ambushes? Members of your tribe have been attacked as well?
"Four have vanished since we arrived to find your Armigers building their garish shrine over our ancestral lands.
I suspect they were made prisoners of the false gods. You deny it?"
The Armigers made it clear to me not to attack you, only look around. They don't want a war.
"Those who worship the Three are devious, but if it's true that they do not seek our destruction, I will not invite it.
What will make them leave us be?"
You've been making blood sacrifices; I need to know the pilgrims weren't among them.
"Your pilgrims are not here. They litter the wild with their weakness. A beast's meal, nothing more.
See for yourself. You will find what's left of their camps here, where I have marked your map."
I'll investigate your claims.
"I will seek my own answers. When you have seen what I have seen, meet me at the Helan Ancestral Tomb."
What is it you're looking for?
"My kin remain missing. I will find them regardless of whether you speak truth or lies."
Why meet at Helan Tomb?
"The burial ground has been disturbed recently. Once you see that we are innocent, we will learn if the truth lies with the dead."

If you've killed Ashlanders during your investigation of the camp, you two will have a different version of conversation:

"You invade our camp. Assault my kin. Desecrate our sacred rites! No outlander would do these things for their own sake.
The slaves of the false gods sent you, didn't they? Answer me!"
You've been attacking their pilgrims. What did you expect would happen?
"Lies upon lies! Does it give them pleasure to invent reasons to bring us harm? If they seek our deaths, they should just come for them!
These ploys and ambushes are the acts of cowards!"
Ambushes? You've been attacked before?
"Four have vanished since we arrived to find your Armigers building their garish shrine over our ancestral lands.
Made prisoners of the false gods, or struck down by the likes of you, no doubt."
The Armigers only sent me to find proof you attacked the pilgrims. I just didn't avoid a conflict.
"Your reasons mean nothing to me. I would kill you if I did not think it would give the slaves of the false gods another excuse to do harm.
What proof do you need? What will make them leave us be?"
You've been making blood sacrifices; I need to know the pilgrims weren't among them.
"Your pilgrims are not here. They litter the wild with their weakness. A beast's meal, nothing more.
See for yourself. You will find what's left of their camps here, where I have marked your map."
Fine. I'll investigate your claims.
"I will seek my own answers. When you have seen what I have seen, meet me at the Helan Ancestral Tomb."
What is it you're looking for?
"My kin remain missing. I will find them regardless of whether you speak truth or lies."
Why meet at Helan Tomb?
"The burial ground has been disturbed recently. Once you see that we are innocent, we will learn if the truth lies with the dead."
I'm sorry for attacking your people.
"Save your words. I will not forgive you, but I will forget this grudge if you put an end to the violation of our tribe."

Go search three Pilgrim Campsite marked on your map by Ibaal. At one camp you will find a Mutilated Remains. At another camp you'll find Stripped Remains next to a journal:

<It would be impossible to identify whoever this was if it wasn't for the personal effects nearby. The bones have been completely picked clean.>

At a third camp you'll find a dead pilgrim:

<This pilgrim was killed recently, but aside from the ragged tear across his abdomen and some bite marks, the body is mostly intact. Perhaps the deceased Buoyant Armiger drove the creature off before it could finish its meal.>

and a dead Buoyant Armiger next to it:

<This Buoyant Armiger appears to have died defending the pilgrim laying dead nearby. Her helmet is spattered in a viscous ichor that smells of month-old fish.>
<Take her helmet as evidence>
<This Buoyant Armiger appears to have died defending the pilgrim laying dead nearby. Her helmet has been removed.>

Making progress[edit]

After you've done with your investigations, go to the Helan Ancestral Tomb and you'll find Ibaal waiting for you:

"You have investigated the camps? Do you still believe we are to blame?"
No. Whatever killed those people tore them apart like a ravenous beast.
"The work of carrion animals, I thought. Now, I'm not so sure. When I found the bloody tracks leading to this tomb, I heard wailing within.
If one of your pilgrims disturbed the ancestor spirits, perhaps it is their wrath we have witnessed."
You didn't investigate further?
"I will not invade an ancestor tomb. No Ashlander would be welcome in such a place. They are as unclean and treacherous as the Three.
You may test if the trespass of outlander feet is of less offense, but I will remain here."
I'll let you know what I find.
"Be quick about your work in there and be wary of traps. Ancestor spirits are not known for their hospitality."

Investigate the tomb, you'll find no angry ancestor there, only traps and a frightened Dunmer named Baren Maloren:

"Don't hurt me! Please!"
Calm down. I'm here to help.
"You weren't followed? Were you? The Ruddy Man hunts us. It lives again!
It attacked our camp last night, tore poor Ilver's head off. Right in front of me! I ran as fast as I could, and I hid, in here."
Ruddy Man? What is that?
"The spawn of Vivec and Molag Bal? The dread hunter wearing the ancient carapace? Have you read nothing of the sermons?
It devoured all it saw until Vivec cast it down! Twice over! But it lives again! You have to believe me!"
Do you know where I can find this "Ruddy Man" now?
"I—no … when I saw it, I ran and never looked back.
Wait—it lunged from the rocks above—the glass mine! We were near the glass mine when it descended on us!"
Follow me. I'll lead you out of here, safely.
Baren Maloren: "Watch for traps! I hoped they'd kill it, not us."

Lead him back to the entrance and he'll say:

Baren Maloren: "I thought I'd never see the sky again. Thank the Three! Thank you!"

Once outside, Baren will recoil to the site of Ibaal:

Baren Maloren: "Ah! An Ashlander! Run friend!"
Baren Maloren: "I'm sorry! I just want to go home!"

Baren will then run off and fade into the distance.

Speak to Ibaal:

"In hindsight, the wailing was too pathetic to have been the angry dead.
What did your sniveling pilgrim have to say for himself?"
He said he was attacked by something called "The Ruddy Man."
"Only a fool would believe that. The mad jibberings of a scared scrib.
We cannot go chasing myths. Did the weakling provide us nothing of value?"
He said the monster came upon them from atop the nearby glass mine.
"What you call glass mine, we know as an ancient dreugh spawning grounds. The slaves of the false gods have disturbed these beasts, now we all pay the price."
That remains to be seen. Regardless, something is getting in and out of the mine despite the guards.
"Then we will see where this path takes us. The tracks that brought me here will surely lead us to our quarry."
Let's go.

He will then turn to the direction of the mine.

Ibaal: "The glass mine is not far. Lead on."

If you speak to him on the way, he'll say:

"The tracks will tell us what we need, but step cautiously on this hunt. I will not be your minder here."

Arrive at the glass mine and Ibaal will say:

Ibaal: "There are many tracks here. Look! Above!"

High on a platform, a dreugh waits then turns and goes behind the rocks:

Ibaal: "Why does it hesitate? Do we scare you 'Ruddy Man'?"
Ibaal: "It flees. It wants no part of prey that can wound it."
"Was that the creature the pilgrims fear? This 'Ruddy Man' of legend? It is skulking vermin inflated by the lies of a false god, nothing more."
That looked like no dreugh I've ever seen.
"Dreugh are not usually cunning, this much is true … now that it knows we hunt it, this creature may wait us out in its lair."
With what we know, we might convince the Armigers to clear out the mine sooner than planned.
"They will not trust the word of an Ashlander, and we know the creature easily eludes them.
You must hunt it. You must kill it."
Why me?
"Who else, outlander? The slaves of the false gods will never allow me to trespass their domain and the task is beyond them.
This falls to you, or no one."
Very well, I'll find and kill this thing. Ruddy Man or not.
"If this creature is of the dreugh, it may share their weaknesses. I will consult our Wise Women, they may know something that will aid you in this hunt.
Convince the pawns of the Three of what you have found. I will meet you at the mine's entrance."
Do the Ashlanders have any legends of the Ruddy Man?
"It is an invention of the Three. A fable of great deeds to serve the vanity of a false god.
To see it is to know they speak no truths."

Dreudurai Glass Mine[edit]

It seems the "Rubby Man" is waiting you at its lair, Dreudurai Glass Mine, which is also where Captain Naro said she would head to deal with a dreugh infestation. Go to the mine, you'll find her and two other Bouyant Armiger's among a few slain dreugh:

Captain Naros: "That looks to be the last of them … for now."

Speak to her:

"I was beginning to think the Ashlanders got you as well. Were you able to find evidence that they've been preying on the pilgrims? I can't spare a moment from these dreugh as it is."
It's not Ashlanders. A cunning dreugh is killing your pilgrims. They call it the Ruddy Man.
"Is that your idea of a sick joke? We have more sense of humor than the Ordinators, Outlander, but blasphemy is a line you best not cross. The Ruddy Man is an evil dealt with long ago, by Vivec himself. Where did you even get such an idea?"
A lone survivor. I've seen the creature and so did one of yours. <Show the Armiger helmet.>
"One of—gods! That's a smell for the ages ... so this is what became of Sydra. I hope she gave a good account of herself. Suppose I entertain this theory. What am I supposed to tell the temple? Send Lord Vivec?"
All I know is that it's hiding in this glass mine, and I'm going to kill it.
"Then understand this: whatever you find down there, it isn't the Ruddy Man. Vivec killed the Ruddy Man. There are still miners unaccounted for. Do what you can for anyone still alive down there. Vivec guide you to great glories."
Thank you.

Finish your conversation, Ibaal approaches and all Armigers draw to the weapons:

Captain Naros: "What now? An Ashlander! Keep your distance! Understand?"
Ibaal: "Peace, Armigers. I must speak with the outlander, that is all."
Captain Naros: "If you wish to hear him out, I'll permit it, but don't let your guard down."

Speak to Ibaal and he'll tell you:

"The Wise Women cannot say if your quarry is what you think, but they have shared their knowledge of dreugh with me.
They offer a mixture to lure the creature out. Spill this in the Ruddy Man's den and it will show itself."
Just like that? The monster will face me?
"It works on the dreugh. That is all I can say.
Be wary in its lair. If that thing took my kin, then it is more dangerous than it leads on."
"You have proven yourself capable, for an outlander. Avenge our lost warriors."
What can you tell me about hunting dreugh?
"Trust the Wise Womens' mixture.
Dreugh crave a dark, dank place from which to snatch unsuspecting prey. Drive them from this safety and they are no danger to skilled warriors."

Enter the mine, you can choose to rescue living captives by Mud Cocoons, which there are three:

Dalnorea Lladri: "Thank the Three. I thought these wretched creatures would devour me!"
Athyn Rotheran: "I'm alive. I'm alive! Thank you!"
Maeli Sasamsi: "Ugh, free? You … have my thanks, Outlander."
Ruddy Broodmother, the “Ruddy Man”

Go to the marked location, use the Wise Woman's Potion on the disturbed earth, Ruddy Broodmother will rise out of the dirt and attack you. Defeat it and exit the mine.

Once outside, you'll find all rescued captives there, of which Maeli Sasamsi can be talked to again:

"You have my thanks, Outlander, but that is all."

You can also speak to Ibaal before speaking to Captain Naros:

"Your Armiger waits for answers. Tell her we are no threat."

Speak to Naros:

"That's it then? You've dealt with whatever was attacking our pilgrims?"
No one has anything to fear from that creature ever again.
"When I accepted your offer of assistance, I didn't expect you to be this thorough. Your bravery in descending into that dreugh infested mine alone and slaying ... whatever it was that was killing the pilgrims is commendable."
What did you think it was, if not the Ruddy Man?
"The Ruddy Man from the sermons took the act of a god to fell, so forgive me if I don't seem convinced your beast was him. No one knows where the original carapace came from. Perhaps there were other—lesser—objects cut from the same cloth."
You're suggesting this could happen again.
"Not a pleasing thought, but it's an explanation I can accept. We can only hope the world never sees the like of the true Ruddy Man again. It's gone for now, and we've avoided a feud with the Ashlanders, so let's try to look on the bright side."
"Once things settle down, I'll pen a ballad in your honor, Outlander. You have my word it'll stink less than this place when we're done."

Speak to Ibaal once again:

"Your stench is proof enough of your deeds. Was this Ruddy Man a worthy foe?"
I'm not sure what it was, but it didn't die without a fight.
"You have my respect, outlander. Our fallen warriors are avenged.
Tell your Armigers that we will soon depart. May we never cross paths again."
Where will you go now, Ibaal?
"Home. The ritual of sacrifice is almost complete, and the Daedra Lords you so foolishly ignore will, we hope, spare us their wrath for another decade.
We will hope they turn their dire gaze upon Molag Mar before we return again."

Ibaal and Maeli Sasamsi then walk away and fade out of sight.


  • The evidence won't exist in the daedric ruins before starting the quest.
  • Once in your quest items, the Wise-woman's journal page can no longer be read.
  • The ladder to the ritual site (which can be accessed without it) is not usable outside of the quest.
  • Baren Maloren won't exist in the ancestral tomb before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • The mud cocoons containing the living miners won't exist in the mine before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.


  • Baren Maloren has the follower icon above him, even from far away, until getting close to him, while he is not a follower yet. ?
  • The follower icon remains above Ibaal even after he ceases being a follower after getting to the glass mine. ?
  • The dead dreugh outside the mine entrance will already be there before starting the quest, and thus before the armigers head to the mine and actually kill them. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

An Armiger's Duty
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should find Captain Naros at the canton and offer my assistance.
Objective: Talk to Captain Naros
Latest start Captain Naros suspects a nearby Ashlander camp is behind the attacks and asked me to search their camp for evidence of their guilt.
Objective: Search Ashlander Camp For Evidence: 0/2

Captain Naros cautioned me against killing Ashlanders until we have hard evidence they are behind the attacks on pilgrims.

Optional Step: Avoid Killing Ashlanders
I discovered evidence that the Ashlanders are making blood sacrifices, but found nothing conclusive. I should investigate their sacrifice site for any sign of the missing pilgrims.
Objective: Search the Ritual Site

Captain Naros cautioned me against killing Ashlanders until we have hard evidence they are behind the attacks on pilgrims.

Optional Step: Avoid Killing Ashlanders
An Ashlander caught me searching the ritual site. He hasn't attacked, so he might cooperate. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
Ibaal claims that Ashlanders have not been attacking pilgrims and said that some of his own people have also disappeared. We agreed to cooperate and he gave me the locations of pilgrim camps that he found ransacked.
Objective: Search Pilgrim Campsites: 0/3
What I saw at the campsites adds credence to Ibaal's claim that the Ashlanders aren't responsible. The pilgrims looked like they were devoured by some sort of monster.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
Ibaal claims he's heard strange sounds coming from an ancestor tomb near the camps. He suspects something inside may be responsible for the recent deaths, but won't disturb the tomb. I'll have to investigate myself.
Objective: Explore Helan Ancestral Tomb
The sounds coming from the ancestor tomb turned out to be a pilgrim in hiding. He might be able to tell me who has been attacking others like him.
Objective: Talk to Baren Maloren
I discovered a pilgrim hiding in the ancestor tomb Ibaal lead me to. He claims to have survived an attack by the Ruddy Man, a monster of myth. There is no sign of the creature, so I should lead him to safety.
Objective: Lead Baren Out of the Tomb
The survivor I found is safe for now. Ibaal will want to know what I learned about the attacks from him.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
Ibaal doesn't believe that our culprit is the Ruddy Man, but suggests the tracks might lead us to where our quarry lives.
Objective: Search for the Ruddy Man
We followed the tracks to a cliff face near the glass mine and the monster has appeared. I should be ready if it attacks.
Objective: Observe the Monster
We spotted the monster on the cliffs near the glass mine. It was watching us, but fled when it was detected. I should speak with Ibaal about what we saw.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
I found evidence that the monster, possibly the Ruddy Man, has attacked both pilgrims and Ashlanders on the road by Molag Mar. I should bring my findings to Captain Naros. She mentioned heading to the glass mine, so I should look for her there.
Objective: Talk to Captain Naros at the Glass Mine
Captain Neros refuses to believe that the monster I discovered is the Ruddy Man, but has agreed to allow me to enter the mine to hunt it and Ibaal has returned from speaking to the Ashlander Wise-women. I should see what he learned.
Objective: Take Potion from Ibaal
Ibaal gave me a potion to shatter in the supposed Ruddy Man's lair that should bring the creature out of hiding. First, I must find its den within the glass mine.
Objective: Find the Monster's Hiding Spot

Captain Neros [sic] mentioned people were still unaccounted for. I should be on the lookout for survivors who may need my help while I hunt for the Ruddy Man.

Optional Step: Rescue Any Living Captives
I found the monster's lair, but it hasn't revealed itself. Ibaal claimed the potion he gave me would drive the creature out of hiding. I should smash it to force the Ruddy Broodmother into the open.
Objective: Kill the Ruddy Man Spawn
Optional Step: Rescue Any Living Captives
The monster was ferocious, but I prevailed. It will not harm anyone again. I should let Captain Naros know the true threat has been dealt with.
Objective: Talk to Captain Naros
Captain Naros has accepted that the monster in the mine was the culprit, exonerating the Ashlanders. I should let Ibaal know that our plan worked.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
Finishes quest☑ Ibaal said he and his kind would be leaving soon. I should say my goodbyes before he returns to the Ashlands.
Objective: Talk to Ibaal
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
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