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Home Settlement Haj Uxith
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Haj Uxith Warriors

An-Jeen-Sakka is an Argonian originally found in Haj Uxith. Dependent on the outcome of the related quest, he will relocate to the Argonians' House in the Hollow City.

Related Quests[edit]


Wisdom of the Ages[edit]

When you first arrive in Haj Uxith, the leaders of the warriors and the scholars are speaking.

An-Jeen-Sakka: "I told you, Xohaneel. We will not aid the outsider while our factions continue to argue about the fate of our beloved Hist tree."
Treeminder Xohaneel: "The outsider has come, An-Jeen-Sakka, just as the Hist tree foretold. Perhaps now we can finally settle our disputes and do what is best for the Hist and for Nirn itself."
An-Jeen-Sakka: "We shall see, Treeminder. We shall see."

If you try to speak with him immediately afterwards, he will refuse to elaborate until after the trials.

"We disagree about many things, outsider, but it all comes down to this: our Hist tree is dying.
Bah! I will say no more until you have passed the Trials of Body and Spirit."

After you have spoken with Treeminder Xohaneel, you have the option to do the trial in any order. While you are doing the Trial of Spirit, the warrior will only say, "You need to finish Treeminder Xohaneel's trial before you can undertake mine."

Trial of Body[edit]

"You have completed the Trial of Spirit. Are you ready to undertake the Trial of Body now?" (Appears if did the Trial of Spirit first.)
I'm ready to begin the Trial of Body.

Either order you do the trials in, both will lead to the following:

"Know that our arrangement with Molag Bal prohibits us from interfering with the Dremora who collect sap from the Hist.
You, however, are under no such obligation."
What does this have to do with the Trial of Body?
"It has everything to do with the trial! It is the trial!
Beneath the north pyramid, Dremora gather sap from the Hist into great vats. They use treated wood to heat the sap and refine it, drawing forth its magical essence."
And what do you want me to do?
"Demonstrate your strength and physical prowess. Destroy the vats and disrupt their operations. If you add more treated wood to the fires, the sap will burn and the vats will melt in the intense heat.
Complete this task, and then return to me."

If you try and speak with him again, he will send you off:

"The entrance to the vat chambers is at the top of the north pyramid. Destroy the vats and you shall pass the Trial of Body.
Now go!"

After you have sabotaged the Sap Collection Facility, you can return to An-Jeen-Sakka.

"The outsider has returned."
I overheated the sap vats and completed the Trial of Body.
"Well done, outsider. That should give the Hist time to heal while the Dremora rebuild the refining vats."
What does Molag Bal do with the Hist sap?
"Nothing good, that's for sure. He covets the magical essence of the Hist sap and refines it into potions and elixirs whose purpose we can only guess at. It's a perversion, but it is one we must endure."
"You must still perform the Trial of Spirit. Speak to Xohaneel when you're ready to begin." (If the Trial of Body was completed first.)


I've completed both trials. (Both trials have been completed.)

Deciding the Hist's Fate[edit]

If you have completed both trials, you will need to decide which side you agree with.

"Then the time has come to choose.
Do you agree that life, no matter the hardships, is sacred? Or do you side with the scholars, who would rather end the suffering and let our Hist tree die?"
What happens if I agree to support the warriors?
"If you settle the debate in the warriors' favor, then the Hist tree continues to live and our civilization shall endure, just as it always has in this harsh land.
Plus, my warriors shall stand at your side in your final battle against Molag Bal."
"Now you must decide the outcome of Haj Uxith's long debate. Will the Hist tree live or die? The choice is yours to make, outsider." (Appears if you leave and then decide to speak with him again.
Remind me what the warriors believe.
"The warriors believe that the Hist tree must survive, no matter the torments it is forced to suffer. The crystal must continue to sustain it, to keep the spark of life flickering despite the endless pain.
Life is precious. The Hist must endure."
I agree with the warriors. The Hist tree must survive.
"I knew you had more sense than those scholars! You understand that life—even a bitter, harsh life—is better than nonexistence. My warriors will be at your side when you need them.
But first, you must tell Xohaneel of your decision."
I should talk to Xohaneel before I make my decision.
"If you must. I shall wait here for your return."

Siding with the Scholars[edit]

If you decided to side with the Scholars, you will need to tell An-Jeen-Sakka your decision.

"Have you made a decision, outsider?"
I agree with the scholars. The Hist tree's suffering must end.
"I see. But our traditions allow a choice—any choice—to be challenged.
You must defend your decision by defeating our champion in combat. If you cannot uphold your conviction through battle, then how can you expect us to honor your decision?"
[Intimidate]: I'll fight as many warriors as you want to throw at me, but my decision stands.
"Your conviction and certainty do you proud. Very well. The warriors will accept your decision."
If that's what I need to do to convince you, I accept your challenge.
"Then go to the challenge grounds and face our champion.
But know this. Our champion fights to preserve a sacred life. You cannot hope to overcome the strength of his conviction."
I changed my mind. I agree with the warriors that the Hist tree must live.
"A better decision. Tell the Treeminder that the Hist tree's life is sacred and it must be preserved."

After you have either intimidated him or defeated the champion, he will abide by your decision.

any dialogue before this?
"The Hist tree will most likely die soon, but I accept your decision. May the scholars' efforts aid you well against Molag Bal."

Siding with the Warriors[edit]

After you have either convinced Xohaneel or defeated the Scholars' champion, you can return to An-Jeen-Sakka.

Your long debate has been decided.
"You made the right choice, outsider. Life must always be preserved and cherished, even a life of pain and suffering and bondage.
When the time comes, my warriors will be yours to command. Perhaps if you succeed, the Hist can finally be free."

The Army of Meridia[edit]

If he is present for the meeting in the Chapel of Light:

"I represent the people of Haj Uxith. My soldiers are your soldiers, as promised."

The Citadel Must Fall[edit]

If he is present for the briefing outside the endless stair:

"My people have been used and abused by the Lord of Brutality for long enough. Tonight, Molag Bal will feel the full ferocity of my mighty warriors."

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