Online:Akranos the Unleashed

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Akranos the Unleashed
Location Skyreach Hold
Species Mantikora
Health 270,016 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile
Akranos the Unleashed

Akranos the Unleashed is a powerful mantikora found inside Skyreach Hold. It is found behind a magical barrier, being contained by the Scaled Court. Attacking the Scaled Court members makes them release the barrier, freeing the Akranos, where it proceeds to attack everyone in the room.

Akranos uses all of the same abilities as standard mantikoras, with some deviations. Unlike standard mantikoras, Akranos becomes enraged immediately upon starting combat rather than when reaching 50% health, dramatically increasing its damage output right away. Its attacks all inflict very high bleed damage over time, and its ground slam covers the entire arena instead of just a medium-size circle.

Fighting Akranos is optional for the related quest taking place inside however.


  • Prior to One Tamriel, he was level Veteran13/Champion Points130 and had 403,900 health.