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Home City Lilmoth
Location The Lusty Argonian Footman
Race Argonian Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Fighter

Ajim-Jaa is an Argonian fighter who can be found at The Lusty Argonian Footman in Lilmoth. He is Mach-Taeed's egg-brother.


"I don't buy Sulahkeesh's sweet granny act for one second. Once a Shadowscale, always a Shadowscale. That's why I pay my respects when I see her.
You'd best do so too, unless you want to end up face down in the swamp with a slit throat."
"I once worked with Cyrodilic Collections. Emphasis on once. Between their carping owner and that kuuda dryskin, I ended up quitting before my first day was done."
"Want to have a good time? Head over to Bright-Throat Village. Want a quick death? The Dead-Water Tribe would be more than happy to accommodate you."
"If you ever meet a priest of Sithis, try to talk as little as possible. Anything you say will just encourage them to keep spouting their nonsense.
Xuth, we don't call them nothing-speakers for nothing."


  • Ajim-Jaa's warning can be heard from him before Sulahkeesh appears, as she does not appear until the relevant quest stage.
  • He also warns Mach-Taeed to stay away from Sulahkeesh in the form of a letter.