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Home Settlement Belkarth
Location Crossroads Tavern
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Ahlora is an Altmer patron of the Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth claiming to be an aspect of the Celestial Mage. Along with the other aspects of Valla, Mahlia, and Faryan, she works to unite them against the Lost One. You are tasked with investigating this claim during the related quest.

Related Quests[edit]


Head inside the tavern, and you will find the Altmer talking to another Star-Gazer.

Valla: "And this is why you should inform this Hara of yours immediately. It is urgent that we speak to her."
Ahlora: "Yes, we are wasting time repeating ourselves to a … lackey."
Star-Gazer Trilion: "I'm trying to understand what you just told me. There are other versions of you elsewhere in Craglorn?"
Valla: "As we explained—and with exceptional clarity—we are merely aspects of the one you call the Celestial Mage. Even as we stand here, the Serpent seeks to control us all!"
Ahlora: "Even now he gathers our aspects to use as his own, assembling them into a false Mage who is entirely in his control."
Star-Gazer Trilion: "Yes, of course. Whatever you say. I'll talk to Hara, but I can't make any promises. The constellations have disappeared from the sky and we have other things to deal with right now."
Star-Gazer Trilion: "Good gods, these High Elves are mad."
Ahlora: "The stars shine before him, pleading for help, and he's too busy looking at the empty sky to realize it."
Valla : "A drink, then, to ease our patience. You, mortal servant, deliver us your finest—what's the word—ale?"
Egeria : "Ale? But the brewer serves drinks in the other room …."

Speak to her after the conversation above and she'll say:

"Your aura is different, stronger, more connected to this world than others I have met.
Most interesting."

Arrive at Ogondar's Winery rooftop and you'll hear the following:

Ahlora : "The Scaled One grows stronger. Another part of us has been lost."
Valla : "The Snake eats and eats and never grows full. His hunger is endless."
Ahlora : "Our time grows short. But the mortal has returned with the Seeker's Sight."
Valla : "Then converse with our helper. If the Serpent continues to feast, no power will be able to stand against him."

Speak to Ahlora and she'll tell you:

"You have restored the gems to the Seeker's Sight. Good. But we are running out of time. The Scaled One has found another of our aspects. We felt her turn.
He is creating a corrupted version of ourselves—and this Lost One grows ever stronger."
What else do you need me to do?
"We cannot use the Seeker's Sight to find the other aspects. Not until the gems are recharged with magicka.
Until that is accomplished, the relic is useless."
How do I recharge the gems?
"Without the Mage to control the ebb and flow, magicka seeps through cracks all across Craglorn. Look for places where the magicka is so dense you can see it and charge the gems there.
Meet us at the Star-Gazer's Observatory when you have finished."
Ahlora : "Hara has finally agreed to see us and we will meet with her soon. Do not delay. The enemy grows strong and time is not on our side."
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