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Aemilia Hadrianus
Home Settlement Cropsford
Race Imperial Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Aemilia Hadrianus

Aemilia Hadrianus is an Imperial who can be found in Cropsford.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Goblin's Delight[edit]

"You haven't seen a sneaky little Goblin around here, have you? I'm going to kill that thing, no matter what Amadour says."
"What's going on?"
"Chef Amadour has adopted a Goblin as a pet, named it Zich. He thinks the nasty thing is good luck. I don't like its beady little eyes. I'd love to poke them out!"
How can I help?
"I can't get close enough to kill it—the filthy thing's too wary. But Chef Amadour feeds it. Maybe if you got some of its food, I could add a special ingredient.
Please go ask the chef. His house is just up the hill."
I'll go talk to him.
"Please hurry. I feel like I need a bath every time I spot that little beast."

Return with the food, she'll say:

"Judging by that sickening smell, you got some of Zich's food."
Yes, the Goblin's Delight is right here.
"Now to mix in my special ingredient … there! Zich sometimes sleeps under the bridge. Go put the food on his pallet and hide nearby. He won't come by while you're there.
Time for that rodent to die!"
I'll put this on his pallet.
"What're you waiting for? Let's get rid of that pest!"

After placing the poison and watching Zich die, you can return to Aemilia:

"I heard a lovely, agonized shriek from Zich. Is it dead?"
"That's a relief, though I wished I'd killed it myself. I really wanted to stab it over and over again.
Maybe I'll go jab the body a few times, just to be sure."

After the quest:

"I'm going to watch this bridge, make sure nothing else moves in. I can see Amadour feeding a troll or something equally disgusting."
What do you have against Goblins?
"You're not soft on them, are you? Amadour's bad enough, the way he moons over them. Don't need more like him around here.
They're dirty, sneaky, traitorous, vile little beasts. I'll kill every one I see, especially around here."
Why especially here?
"Haven't you seen them all? Open your eyes! They're always lurking around the village, looking for things to steal or people to kill. And eat, probably.
No one here takes them seriously, but they're going to overrun this village someday."