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Adonatus Varian
Location Moon Hunter Keep
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Silver Dawn
Adonatus Varian

Adonatus Varian is an Imperial commander of the Silver Dawn who was sent to infiltrate and take back the Moon Hunter Keep from a pack of werewolves. As you enter the Moon Hunter Keep you will find out that Adonatus has been captured and needs your help to take down the werewolves.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngMoonlight Ascent: Explore an old Silver Dawn stronghold and deal with the werewolves controlling it.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you first speak to him after entering the dungeon, he'll introduce you to his quest:

"Strange. You certainly don't look like a prisoner, yet here you are, joining me within the cells of Moon Hunter Keep.
I'd tell you to turn back, but I doubt my werewolf captors would let you just leave."
I can take care of myself.
"Can you now? I thought I could take care of myself, too. But even alongside the finest soldiers of the Silver Dawn, I couldn't take back this keep.
And now here I am, entertainment for the very mongrels I swore to eradicate."
Where are the rest of your companions?
"Dead or imprisoned, depending on Vykosa's will.
What I wouldn't give for a chance to strike back. This pack of curs needs to be taken down, before they can cause any more harm to the innocents of Tamriel."
I can help you take down this werewolf pack.

After agreeing to help him, he can be asked further questions.

"Very well. Our first priority is to those trapped within this prison. Distract the guards while I free them.
Should we successfully escape, we'll head to the gardens next. There, I'll need you to collect any wolfsbane flowers you may find."
Who is Vykosa?
"Every pack of dogs needs a leader. Werewolves are no different.
But Vykosa's power goes beyond that of a mere alpha. Legend has it she's one of the first to receive the curse of lycanthropy from Hircine."
Do you believe that's true?
"Doesn't matter what I believe. What I know is that she's incredibly dangerous.
Our reports indicate that she has the ability to compel other werewolves to do her bidding. Even somehow attract them to her. That's why the Moon Hunter Pack is so large."
Why would she need such a large pack?
"I'm not sure, but it can't be anything good.
The Silver Dawn has also received reports of several kidnappings in the surrounding area. It's likely that Vykosa is turning innocents against their will. That's what prompted my order to strike."
You said you were a member of the Silver Dawn?
"Proudly so. My order fights to protect Tamriel against werewolf threats. I've dedicated my life to helping that noble cause.
Moon Hunter Keep used to belong to the Silver Dawn, before it was taken by Vykosa and her pack over a year ago."
So the Silver Dawn originally owned this keep?
"Yes, it was one of our largest strongholds. My companions and I hoped to regain the keep, but we underestimated the size of Vykosa's pack.
I may be the only one left. Or, at least, the only one left human."
You think your companions may now be werewolves?
"I'm afraid they wouldn't be the first. There's many here who once belonged to the Silver Dawn, turned by Vykosa and compelled to do her bidding.
Killing them now would be a mercy. I'd rather die than become one of those beasts."
Why do you need wolfsbane?
"Before Vykosa took over this keep, the Silver Dawn used it as a base for research. Our most important studies involved finding a comprehensive cure for lycanthropy.
Part of this cure was cultivating a unique strain of wolfsbane."
So this wolfsbane can cure lycanthropy?
"Not alone. We'll also need to collect ripened belladonna berries, as well as a spell scroll. But those will be further within the keep.
I can't stress enough how important this cure would be for my order."
Is a cure really so hard to find?
"Yes, for those who have already transformed.
A few of my companions suffered that very fate. By then, the only thing we could offer them was a swift death. A horrible end for someone who dedicated their life to so just a cause."

Jailer Melitus[edit]

After Jailer Melitus is killed, Varian can be heard talking to Narazda, one of the freed prisoners.

Adonatus Varian: "I told you to escape with the others."
Narazda: "And Narazda told you, she has the right to face her captor as well."
Adonatus Varian: "Fine! If you want to die playing hero, it's on you."

Adonatus can then be spoken to:

"Looks like you can take care of yourself. Good. Because this is far from over.
Now, you'll head to the gardens next. Remember, I need you to keep a look out for any wolfsbane flowers you may find."
Why do you need wolfsbane?/All right. Now why do you need wolfsbane flowers? (Repeats the original conversation about wolfsbane.)
I see you picked up a new [sic] friend.
"Yes, it appears I have. Almost makes me regret freeing her.
The Khajiit doesn't seem like much of a fighter, but she did claim to have information about the current state of the keep. It might not hurt to speak to her before moving on."

Hedge Maze Guardian[edit]

Once the Hedge Maze Guardian is destroyed. Adonatus and Narazda will arrive, with Adonatus injuries getting worse.

Adonatus Varian: "We have to keep moving. The bailey up ahead is—argh!"
<Adonatus Varian doubles over in pain.>
Narazda: "You're in no state to fight, sweetmeat. Our friends will have to take care of Mylenne."
Adonatus Varian: "Don't...don't call me sweetmeat."

He can then be asked about Mylenne Moon-Caller and how he is holding up.

"You must defeat Mylenne Moon-Caller if we're to move on. From what Narazda has told me, she'll likely be in the bailey, right up ahead.
Be careful. That cur killed many of my companions during our initial attack."
Are you all right?
"I'll be fine. This is just days of torture catching up to me. You should be more concerned with the upcoming fight."

Mylenne Moon-Caller[edit]

After Mylenne is defeated:

Narazda: "We cannot continue like this. If you transform now, we'll all be at risk!"
Adonatus Varian: "You think I don't know that already, cat? Save your concern. I have a plan."
Adonatus Varian: "I just need some belladonna berries. They should be further within the keep."'

Speaking to him here: (?)

Archivist Ernarde[edit]

After Archivist Ernarde is defeated, Narazda and Adonatus will come into the room and have a conversation about the werewolf cure:

Narazda: "So this is your plan? A magical scroll with some miraculous cure?"
Adonatus Varian: "Yes. That's exactly what this is."
Narazda: "Oh."
Adonatus Varian: "Perhaps you should think before you speak, cat. Though these ingredients...."

When you speak to him at this point:

"When Vykosa took Moon Hunter, many of the Silver Dawn were captured and forced to turn. Such was the Archivist's fate.
But he deserves no pity. He has caused the suffering of many with his dark experiments."
"It appears that my order did discover a cure. And the main component needed … is the heart of one turned by Hircine. By killing Vykosa, we shall ensure my salvation. How serendipitous.
Were you able to find the wolfsbane and belladonna berries?"
"Then my salvation is close at hand.
Defeating Vykosa shall be your hardest fight yet. But I have faith in you, my friend. I'm just sorry I cannot stand with you in this final battle."
"I'm afraid not. Vykosa's heart must still be fresh from the kill for this spell to work. We'd only have a few short moments after her death.
But we cannot delay what needs to be done. Vykosa must be defeated."

After Vykosa[edit]

When Vykosa is defeated, Narazda will rush in through the door.

Narazda: "We must leave! Adonatus has finally transformed!"
<Adonatus as a werewolf runs in then shifts back to human form.>
Adonatus Varian: "No. No, I...I can control it. For now at least."

Adonatus Varian can then be spoken to to complete Moonlight Ascendant.

If you didn't grab the ingredients for Adonatus's cure: need ending convo

Narazda: "This curse … it does not always lead to misery. You can learn to control it."
Adonatus Varian: "Like you have? Yes, I know you're one of them. A werewolf."
Narazda: "But Narazda is not one of them. She was your ally, your friend. And she still can be."
Adonatus Varian: "I can't. I swore to protect the innocents of Tamriel, and if that means ending my own life … so be it."
Narazda: "Then … here. Take this. You at least deserve a swift end."

If you gathered all the ingredients to cure Adonatus:

"You've done what my order could not. Vykosa has fallen, and Tamriel is safe from her malicious intent. The Moon Hunter Pack shall be no more."
I also have the ingredients to cure you.
"And for that, I shall forever be grateful.
Given the circumstances, I don't think the Silver Dawn would fault me for offering you a reward. After all, it's by your actions that this keep was saved."
A reward?
"Yes. I was able to find something suitable within the keep's stores.
Take it, along with the knowledge that you have done both the Silver Dawn and all of Tamriel a great service. Your actions today have saved many. Be proud."

After this, a final conversation between Adonatus and Narazda will occur:

Narazda: "All is well then, yes? Vykosa is killed, you are cured. A happy ending all around."
Adonatus Varian: "Narazda, I...I know you're one of them. A werewolf. I knew it the minute I transformed."
Narazda: "Oh? Will you kill her, then? Will you kill your ally, just because of what she is?"
Adonatus Varian: "No. It goes against my beliefs, but...I won't kill you. I can't."
Adonatus Varian: "But should we meet again, I make no promise to stay my sword."

Is it possible for him not to be cured, and does that change the above conversation?

Adonatus can be spoken to for a final time: unknown


  • At the end of the related quest, Adonatus Varian used to have the following dialogue, which would cure your lycanthropy without warning. It was removed in Patch 4.1.6.
I'm a werewolf. Can you cure me too?
"Of course. It should only take a minute ... and there. Hopefully, the Silver Dawn will one day develop a freely available cure for all who wish for it. Until then, we'll keep searching."