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Uncover a plot hatching in the Shimmerene underground.
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Shimmerene — Find Lanarie's missing son, Arathel.
Quest Giver: Lanarie
Location(s): Shimmerene, Shimmerene Waterworks
Reward: Rat-Fang Dagger
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6116
A distraught mother named Lanarie cannot find her son, Arathel. The youth surrendered to the authorities—saying he was part of a plot to kill a Sapiarch. But he disappeared from his cell shortly thereafter. I promised Lanarie I would find her son.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Lanarie in Shimmerene.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

A Tale of Two Mothers
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lanarie insists that the Justiciar of Remand, Talerion, knows more about Arathel's disappearance than he's letting on. I should speak with him in the kinlady's manor.
Objective: Talk to Talerion
According to Talerion, the guards seized a crude map from Arathel when he turned himself in. This map might contain valuable clues. I can find a copy near the kinlady's hearth.
Objective: Take the Map
I took a faithful copy of Arathel's map. Hopefully it will lead me to another clue.
Objective: Find the Marked Location
Arathel's map led me to a scroll tucked away in a hedge maze. I should read this scroll and see what it says.
Objective: Read the Scroll
The note I found urged Arathel to meet a mysterious figure in the Anchors Aweigh Inn in Shimmerene. I can either follow the note's instructions or report what I found to the Justiciar of Remand, Talerion.
Complete one: Talk to Talerion or Go to the Anchor's Aweigh Inn
I chose to follow the scroll's instructions. I should talk to the Khajiiti barkeep in the Anchors Aweigh Inn.
Objective: Talk to Riharai
The barkeep urged me to talk with a hooded man on the second floor of the inn. I should find this mysterious figure.
Objective: Talk to the Hooded Man
The hooded man, Edgar, urged me to find his mistress, the Mother of Rats. She might know more about Arathel's disappearance. I'll need to find the entrance to Shimmerene's underground if I'm going to meet her. It should be near the docks.
Objective: Enter the Shimmerene Underground
Now that I've entered the city's underground, I need to find the Mother of Rats. Perhaps the rats themselves can show me the way.
Objective: Follow the Rats
I found Mother's Den, the Mother of Rats's underground hideout. I should talk to the Mother of Rats and find out what she knows about Arathel.
Objective: Talk to the Mother of Rats
The Mother of Rats told me about a rival group that seeks a more violent resolution to the plight of Summerset's underclass. One of her spies, Zan'hi, is looking into it. I should track him down and see if he knows anything about Arathel.
Objective: Find Zan'hi
I found Zan'hi, urging a friend to flee the underground. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Zan'hi
Zan'hi told me a sorcerer called Mirulon took Arathel deep within the caverns beneath Shimmerene. I must navigate these caves to find him.
Objective: Find Arathel
I found Arathel. I must kill his captor, Mirulon, to aid his escape.
Objective: Kill Mirulon
I found some convincing evidence that clarifies Arathel's role in the plot to kill the Sapiarch. Unfortunately, Arathel ran off during the fight with Mirulon. I must track him down.
Objective: Talk to Arathel
I should bring Arathel back to Mother's Den where he'll be safe.
Objective: Escort Arathel to Mother's Den
Talerion appeared at Mother's Den with questions. Since I met him earlier, he might listen to what I have to say. The evidence I collected will prove Mirulon was behind this.
Objective: Give the Evidence to Talerion
☑Finishes quest I've convinced Talerion of Arathel's innocence. I should talk to the Mother of Rats. She'll want to know that the Divine Prosecution won't be raiding Mother's Den anytime soon.
Objective: Talk to the Mother of Rats

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