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Forge a specific metal Weapon.
Quest Giver: Blacksmithing Crafting Writs
Prerequisite Quest: Blacksmith Writ
Reward: 8005-800Writ Vouchers
Very High Leveled Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
RepeatableRepeatable: Yes

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the writ.
  2. Work out which and then gather the materials required.
  3. Craft the item at the appropriate crafting site.
  4. Deliver the goods to your contact.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The following message will appear when you open the writ:

"Our client needs a particular weapon for an upcoming duel with a family member. Find me when it's done." — Rolis Hlaalu.
<Accept the contract.>

When completing a Blacksmith Writ at the highest Metalworking level, you may receive a writ for a specific weapon (see also: A Masterful Plate). This item will need to:

  • Be at least Champion Points150, which means you must have enough Rubidite Ingots on hand.
  • Have a specific trait, which means you must have researched that trait for that item type and have the necessary trait material on hand.
  • Have a specific style, which means you must have learned the motif for that item type and have the necessary style material on hand.
  • Be of a specific set, which means you must have researched enough traits for that set, and visit one of that set's Crafting Sites to create it.
  • Be of at least Epic quality, and possibly Legendary, which means you must upgrade the item 3 or 4 times.

The Temper Expertise skill will reduce the number of Tempers required to safely upgrade the item. You can get away with as few as 1 each if you want to gamble, but given the expense of the materials involved, it's highly advisable to max your Temper Expertise and use the maximum number of Tempers each time to guarantee a 100% chance and not risk destroying the item in the process. This means that for each item, you will want to have 2 Honing Stones, 3 Dwarven Oil, and 4 Grain Solvent, and also 8 Tempering Alloys for Legendary writs.

Once you have created the item, bring it to Rolis Hlaalu at the Aldmeri Dominion Elden RootDaggerfall Covenant WayrestEbonheart Pact Mournhold writ drop-off locations for your reward.


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Note that some of these items require motifs or crafting sites from the various DLCs. It is still possible to create these items if you do not have access to these DLCs, however, if you purchase the motifs from Guild Traders and visit a player's house with the appropriate attuned crafting stations.

Item Quality Trait Set Motif Metal 000Writ Vouchers
Greatsword of Morkuldin Epic Training
(ON-icon-trait material-Carnelian.pngCarnelian)
Morkuldin (9 Traits) Primal
(ON-icon-style material-Argentum.pngArgentum)
14 ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingots 0066Writ Vouchers
Dagger of Torug's Pact Epic Decisive
(ON-icon-trait material-Citrine.pngCitrine)
Torug's Pact (3 Traits) Imperial
(ON-icon-style material-Nickel.pngNickel)
10 ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingots 0066Writ Vouchers
Dagger of the Willow's Path Legendary Defending
(ON-icon-trait material-Turquoise.pngTurquoise)
Willow's Path (6 Traits) Thieves Guild
(ON-icon-style material-Fine Chalk.pngFine Chalk)
10 ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingots 0066Writ Vouchers
Axe of the Noble's Conquest Legendary Defending
(ON-icon-trait material-Turquoise.pngTurquoise)
Noble's Conquest (5 Traits) Mercenary
(ON-icon-style material-Laurel.pngLaurel)
11 ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingots 08686Writ Vouchers
Greatsword of the Spectre's Eye Legendary Sharpened
(ON-icon-trait material-Fire Opal.pngFire Opal)
Spectre's Eye (8 Traits) Mercenary
(ON-icon-style material-Laurel.pngLaurel)
14 ON-icon-ingot-Rubedite Ingot.png Rubedite Ingots 09292Writ Vouchers

Quest Stages[edit]

A Masterful Weapon
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I need to create the item specified by my contract.
Objective: Craft the Weapon with the Properties Detailed in the Contract
☑Finishes quest I've finished the task, and now just need to hand it off to receive my pay.
Objective: Deliver the Weapon