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Help an Orc prepare for a duel according to the High Elf customs.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Roguzog
Location(s): Alinor, Tor-Hame-Khard
Reward: Polished Elf-Poker
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 6151
Roguzog, an Orcish visitor to Summerset, wants to settle a grievance with a High Elf named Lirendel. We'll have to learn all the rules and customs of High Elf dueling before Roguzog can get bloody satisfaction.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Roguzog in the northwestern corner of Alinor.
  2. Talk to Lirendel inside the inn.
  3. Read the Altmeri cultural guide to learn more about the traditions of dueling.
  4. Talk to Roguzog.
  5. Prepare for the duel by collecting the items and learning Lirendel's full name.
  6. Accompany Roguzog to the dueling location.
  7. Witness the duel.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Lirendel's full name is "Lirendel Rumilion 'len Inecil Culanarin Salolinwe 'ata Piryaden-Itelnoril Hilnore Firlamil 'cal Ternerben-Nivulirel"

Quest Stages[edit]

A Duelist's Dilemma
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should talk to Lirendel. Hopefully he'll shed some light on the High Elves' dueling customs.
Objective: Talk to Lirendel
Lirendel refused to explain the High Elf dueling customs, but directed me to a book that might help. I should collect it.
Objective: Collect the Altmer Cultural Guide
I should take the Altmer Cultural Guide to Roguzog. The chapter on dueling customs will probably be helpful.
Objective: Talk to Roguzog
Apparently, High Elf dueling customs require the duelists to use traditional Altmer dueling foils. I'll need to purchase or steal one from a person in Alinor.
Objective: Collect an Altmer Dueling Foil
I should travel to Lirendel's family shrine and learn his full name. I will need to recite it before the duel can commence.
Objective: Learn Lirendel's Full Name
I collected the dueling foil and learned Lirendel's full name. Now all I need to do is issue the challenge to Lirendel's second, Fandilol.
Objective: Talk to Fandilol
I delivered Roguzog's challenge to Lirendel's second. The duel will commence soon. I should go talk to Roguzog and make sure he's prepared.
Objective: Talk to Roguzog
Lirendel and his second have finally arrived at the ruins. I should issue the formal challenge to Fandilol.
Objective: Talk to Fandilol
Lirendel has finally accepted Roguzog's challenge. Time to find out how this duel will pan out.
Objective: Witness the Duel
☑Finishes quest Roguzog won the duel. I should speak with him.
Objective: Talk to Roguzog

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