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Help a group of refugees from South Guard Ruins escape.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Objective: South Guard Ruins
Quest Giver: Daini, Lorgren Vergilus
Location(s): South Guard Ruins
Reward: Flame-Kissed Shield
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience
ID: 6400
Salvage valuables from the wreckage of the caravan
A good-hearted scoundrel named Daini wants to rob local bandits of their ill-gotten goods. She means to use their wealth to leave Elsweyr with her brother, but seems intent on settling scores before she departs.
A wagon caravan suffered an attack on the road. The wreckage likely contains valuables—treasures that might draw the eye of someone trying to get ahead in crime-ridden South Guard.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Help Daini salvage valuables from the caravan wreck.
  2. Find Safik at Daini's shelter.
  3. Raid Turo's warehouse.
  4. Speak with Daini at the shelter.
  5. Rescue Daini and her friends.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

While traveling the road west of South Guard Ruins, you may come across a Khajiit named Daini. She's standing over the remains of a wrecked caravan, beset upon by terror birds. She admits that she wrecked the caravan, and asks you to help her salvage valuables from the wreck. You need to loot two Cargo Crates and a Cargo Barrel. Within the wreckage, you'll find Ruined Anequine Spices, Bolts of Shredded Silk, Broken Wine Bottles and Turo's Cargo Manifest. Return to Daini with the goods. She is speaking to a panicked woman named Antonia Matias, whom Daini reveals is an acquaintance who wanted to escape South Guard with her. She must have gotten cold feet, because she ran off to tell someone named Turo about the wreck, which involved his caravan.

Daini explains that her plan might be muddied a little bit. She wants you to head east into the ruins and find her shelter. There, she would like you to speak with Safik, her brother. Head over to Daini's shelter, which is beneath a ruined house.

Loot the marked crates

There, you will find Safik, Malahbu, Galeneth, and a Nord captain named Sormund. Malahbu and Galeneth are Safik and Daini's friends. Together, they're all trying to escape South Guard. Sormund is the smuggler Daini is trying to pay for passage out of South Guard. Speak with Safik, who knows exactly what Daini's gotten herself into. Shortly afterwards, Daini arrives. Speak with her, because she's got another plan.

Daini wants to rob Turo's warehouse, which is down the road and north of the shelter. It used to belong to her father. All Daini knows about it now is that Turo stores valuable things there. Meet Daini by the warehouse. She tells you that you need to search the marked crates. Turo marks his personal goods so that his goons don't go around skimming his profits. If they tamper with the crates, Turo will know. You'll find Stolen Ceramics, Stolen Books and Torval Brandy in the marked crates outside. Daini still isn't sure that what you've found is appropriate to pay Sormund with. The cellar, however, might have more goods. Enter the cellar and loot the final crate. Upon taking the Pouch of Jewels within, Daini hears footsteps. Hide in the empty crate you just looted. In walks Turo and Antonia, who are talking about what Daini did to the caravan. Turo thanks Antonia for the information, then kills her before leaving the cellar. Exit the crate and hurry back to the shelter. If Turo knows about the caravan incident, he might try to hurt Safik.

Rescue Daini and her friends

When you arrive back at the shelter, everyone is gone, and a letter has been left by the camp fire. It's a ransom note from Turo. He says that her friends have been captured and are waiting to be sold into slavery. Turo also threatens to hang Safik if Daini doesn't turn herself in. Daini decides to cave to Turo's demands in order to distract him while you free the others. Sormund is located inside of a ruined house along the coast, south of the shelter. He tells you that Malahbu was probably taken to the caves near Turo's docked slaving vessel, the Dream-Drowner. Head east along the coast and enter the cave. Malahbu is in a cage. Free him, and he informs you that Galeneth was taken kicking and screaming to the slavers' ship. Head out of the cave the way you came and cross the docks to board the vessel. Galeneth is located to the west, in a cage at the front of the ship.

With everyone else rescued, head over to Turo's fortress to rescue Daini and Safik. Head east along the beach until you reach tiles. Behind the gated wall lies the fortress. Climb up the stairs inside the fortress, make a left turn, then a right, and you'll come across Turo on his throne, being pampered by his slaves. Kill Turo, then get to looking for his captives. Turo locked Daini and Safik in the Secret Cellar around the corner to the right of the entrance to Turo's lair. Free Daini from her bonds, and turn the portcullis to open the gate that leads outside. You will use Turo's boat to escape the fortress before his thugs come looking for you down here. Upon your escape, you'll end up on the beach, where you must speak with Daini for your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

A Childhood in Flames
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The man I met indicated that the wrecked caravan might contain some valuables or survivors to rescue. I should investigate.
Objective: Investigate the Wrecked Caravan
I found that Khajiit Lorgren mentioned. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Daini
Latest start I should search the bandit caravan wreckage for valuable goods.
Objective: Search the Caravan for Valuables: 0/4
Hidden Objective: Find Tradegoods
I found very little of value, but Daini might be able to do something with it. I should deliver these ruined goods to her.
Objective: Talk to Daini
Daini urged me to head to her shelter, south of the wrecked caravan. Once I get there, I should look her brother, Safik.
Objective: Go to Daini's Shelter
I arrived at the Daini's shelter to find her brother, Safik, arguing with a cantankerous Nord. I should speak to Safik and find out what's going on.
Objective: Talk to Safik
Daini reunited with Safik, Sormund, and the others at her shelter. I should speak to her about what she wants to do next.
Objective: Talk to Daini
Daini believes that we can find the valuables Sormund wants inside Turo's warehouse. I should go there now.
Objective: Meet Daini at the Warehouse
I made it to Turo's warehouse and Daini arrived shortly thereafter. I should discuss the details of the robbery with her.
Objective: Talk to Daini
According to Daini, Turo places his personal goods in marked crates. We should search the crates and try to find something valuable.
Objective: Search the Warehouse for Valuables
We found a door leading into the warehouse cellar. With any luck, the valuables we're searching for will be inside.
Objective: Enter the Warehouse Cellar
We found another marked crate in the warehouse cellar. I should search it for valuables.
Objective: Search the Marked Crate
I acquired a pouch full of jewels—ample payment for Daini and Safik's berth on Sormund's ship. Unfortunately, someone approaches from another part of the cellar. I should take cover and see who it is.
Objective: Hide in the Crate
Antonia sold out Daini and her friends to Turo, just as she said she would. The crime boss clearly means to do them harm. I should return to Daini's shelter to warn Safik and the others.
Objective: Return to Daini's Shelter
Daini's camp is empty. I should talk to her to discuss what happened and what we should do next.
Objective: Talk to Daini
While Daini turns herself in to Turo, I must search a nearby safe house for any sign of her compatriots: Galeneth, Malahbu, and Sormund. Once I rescue them all, I can assist Daini in Turo's fortress.
Objective: Search the Safe House
I found the Nord captain, Sormund, in the bandits' safe house. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Sormund
Sormund suggested that I search for the others in the nearby caves. Hopefully I'll find Galeneth and Malahbu there.
Objective: Search the Slaver Caves
Malahbu called out to me from a nearby cage. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Malahbu
Malahbu suspects that Turo's lackeys took Galeneth to the Dream-Drowner—Turo's slaving vessel. I should go search the ship while it remains in port.
Objective: Search Turo's Slave Ship
I found Galeneth on Turo's slaving vessel. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Galeneth
I set all of Daini's friends free. Now I need to make my way to Turo's fortress to rescue the imprisoned siblings.
Objective: Enter Turo's Fortress
I entered Turo's fortress. Now I should look for Safik and Daini.
Objective: Search Turo's Fortress
Turo stands between me and my companions. I'll have to kill this criminal overlord to save them.
Objective: Kill Turo
I killed Turo. Now I just need to find where he's keeping Safik and Daini.
Objective: Find Daini and Safik
I found Daini and Safik in a secret cellar. I should set them free.
Objective: Free Daini
I set Daini free. I should speak to her before we flee the fortress.
Objective: Talk to Daini
I must open the gate and climb aboard Turo's getaway boat to escape the bandits' fortress.
Objective: Open the Gate
Daini, Safik, and I reunited with Sormund and the others on the beach. Sormund's ship appears ready to set sail. I should talk to Daini about what happens next.
Objective: Talk to Daini
Finishes quest☑ Sormund agreed to take Daini, Safik, and their friends out of South Guard. I should conclude my business with her.
Objective: Talk to Daini