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The Oblivion Quest Mod Wiki was a site hosted at The Assimilation Lab dedicated to quest mods for Oblivion. The content of the wiki can be found in the Master List and the Tes4Mod-OQM category.

Originally from the wiki Main Page

I love quest mods. They're the single greatest thing for any game - they give you more things to see and do, and extend the playing time immeasurably. This site is dedicated to quest mods for TES IV: Oblivion. A long time ago, dev\akm posted a list of big and small quest mods for TES IV: Oblivion on his site that he thought were worth playing. When the site hosting the newer version was taken down (those links go to the original one), it was copied and expanded by a group of people and became The Oblivion Quest List (TOQL). About a year and a half later, I came up with an idea to build a wiki - each mod would get its own page with a similar format as before, but I would include every quest mod I could find, including those written in languages other than English. Quest mods are difficult to make, and their authors deserve exposure for putting forth the time and effort to give them to the community.

This is not a review site. The TOQL, however, does have reviews, if you're interested in what other folks have to say (and it's still active).

What qualifies as a "quest mod"?[edit]

Good question. Obviously, a quest mod has to have one or more quests, but not all mods with quests are quest mods. Generally speaking, if a mod's main focus is the quest(s), it's a quest mod. If it has quests in addition to something else, it's not. For the purpose of this wiki, the following are not considered quest mods:

  • Mods that are primarily new worldspaces (Nehrim, Elsweyr Anequina, etc.) or cities/towns (Better Cities, AFK Weye) with quests added (as opposed to a quest mod that takes you to a new worldspace, like Windfall, or towns that are integral to the questline, like A Saint's Tale - Glory of Eagle's Pass).
  • Mods where the whole point of the quest is to acquire a house, weapon(s), or set of armor (as opposed to mods where quest and reward are fully integrated, like Lost Sword of the Ayleids).

How does this site work?[edit]

Each quest mod has its own page, and each entry has the following format:

Mod Name[edit]

Mod Information
Author(s) The author(s) of the mod.
Current Version Version number
Last updated 13 Sep 2013
Links Any sites that host the latest version of the mod. Note: Since PlanetElderScrolls was taken down in 2014, many mods that were only hosted there are no longer available. I've noted them as "None known", in case someone reuploads them somewhere else at a later time.
Language The language in which the mod was originally written. If the author translated it to another language and that version is included in the download, it's listed here too.
Translations Any translations (except as noted above). Translations are not always up-to-date; version numbers are always listed after the link.
Requirements If applicable.
Playing Time The average amount of time it takes to complete the mod.
Quests (Side Quests) Number of quests in the main storyline (and the number of side quests, if any).


A description of the mod as it appears in the readme; it may be edited for readability, and more information may be added if the readme is lacking.


Any patches or additional files, like alternate textures, voice files, etc.


Any notes about the mod, including known issues/incompatibilities.

Searching for Mods[edit]

As noted below, mods are divided into categories - you can search for specific criteria by clicking on the links, or you can simply peruse the Master List. Each page has backlinks to the master list and the main page so you don't get lost.


Each mod is categorized according to size (Huge, Large, Medium, Small), except for collector quests; due to their nature, they have no "average" time of completion and rarely have quests as such, so they're categorized separately. For a complete breakdown of the math behind the categories, go here.

Some mods can have additional categories (click on the links below to see a list of mods in each):

Companion: Any quest mod that includes a companion as the main focus (as opposed to gaining a companion as part of a quest).

Collector: Collector quests aren't technically quests, but mods that scatter items in various locations for the player to find. They generally don't have a backstory.

Guilds: The mod adds one or more guilds, or enhances an existing guild (adding quests, extending the questline, etc.).

Huge: These quest mods are huge because they are long and complex and/or include a large amount of content. They generally either have a large number of quests (40-50+) quests and/or take 20-30+ hours to complete, or have fewer quests and a lot of material: an entire landmass/worldspace complete with towns and/or cities, dozens of NPCs, weapons, armor, and/or spells. A rare few have both.

Language: This isn't a category as such, but a group of categories denoting which language versions a mod has. The categories are: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.

Large: Large and in-depth, with lots of detail. They generally have 15-25 quests and/or take 9-15 hours to complete. These quests often include a town or city, a few dozen NPCs, and lots of extras like weapons, armor, and spells.

Medium: Somewhere in the middle. They generally have 5-15 quests and/or take 4-8 hours to complete; they often have a dozen or so NPCs, a dungeon or two, and a few extras.

Post-MQ: This quest cannot be started (in whole or in part) until after the vanilla main quest is complete.

Small: Mods in this category can either be single quests or have a number of small quests that are nonetheless easily completed, and add only a few NPCS or use existing ones. They generally have 1-5 quests and/or take only a few hours to complete.

Treasure Hunts: Mods that add a series of clues (usually hand-placed notes) leading to a reward. They do not have quests.

Voiced: The mod is partially or completely voice-acted.

Useful Links[edit]

  • OBSE: Many mods (not just quest mods) require OBSE.
  • Elys Universal Silent Voice (USV): Another must-have for quest mods that lack voice files. This small utility (which also requires OBSE) takes the place of dozens of megabytes of silent voice files.
  • TES4Edit (aka TES5Edit, though it works for Oblivion and Skyrim): This editing tool is invaluable for cleaning dirty mods, as well as fixing errors of all kinds.
  • Egg Translator: If you want to translate a mod, this is the tool for you. Localization databases exist for Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish.
  • ESP/ESM Translator: While this is listed on Skyrim Nexus, it'll work for any Bethsoft game - Elder Scrolls as well as the Fallout series.

Hosting Sites[edit]

This is a list of all the sites hosting the mods that appear on this wiki (excluding websites dedicated to a single mod).






Contact Info[edit]

Questions? Suggestions? Have mods to add? You can PM me at the Bethsoft forums or Nexus Mods as WalkerInShadows, or you can post on the talk page.