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WEAP records hold information on a weapon.

Subrecords known to occur in an WEAP record include (confirmed):

  • EDID (required): Editor ID (variable length string)
  • FULL (required): Item name (variable length string)
  • SCRI (optional): Script form ID (dword)
  • MODL (optional): Model filename (variable length string)
  • MODB (optional): Unknown, follows a MODL (4 bytes)
  • MODT (optional): Unknown, follows a MODT (24 or 46 bytes, confirmed)
  • ICON (optional): Male icon filename (variable length string)
  • ANAM (optional): Enchantment points (word)
  • ENAM (optional): Enchantment form ID (dword)
  • DATA (required): Weapon data (30 bytes)

DATA Subrecord[edit]

This subrecord is always 30 bytes long (confirmed) and holds the weapon data.

Name Type/Size Info
Type 4 (dword) Type of weapon
0 = Blade One Hand
1 = Blade Two Hand
2 = Blunt One Hand
3 = Blunt Two Hand
4 = Staff
5 = Bow
Speed 4 (float) Weapon speed
Reach 4 (float) Weapon reach
Flags 4 (dword) Weapon flags
0x00000001 = Ignores Normal Weapon Resistance
Value 4 (dword) Item value
Health 4 (dword) Weapon health
Weight 4 (float) Weapon weight
Damage 2 (word) Weapon damage