Oblivion:The Unbeaten Path

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Follow the clues given to you by a mysterious note and a strange longsword in order to find an unusual treasure (non-journal).
Quest Giver: Note at Fort Coldcorn
Location(s): Wilderness around Fort Coldcorn
Reward: Leveled Dagger
The sword leads the way.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Note: This quest does not appear in your journal

  1. Find and read the strange note on the eastern side of Fort Coldcorn outside the fort.
  2. Find the hidden treasure by following the clue you have been given.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The Note and the Sword[edit]

Look outside on the eastern side of Fort Coldcorn, on the big wall around the back of the fort. There you will find a chest containing random loot (including 10% chance of enchanted jewelry and 5% chance of an enchanted weapon), a Key of Hidden Wealth, and a strange note. Next to the chest is a fine steel longsword. The note reads:

The sword leads the way.
Half a mile.
It's just past the big rock on the right.

So do as the note reads and follow the direction the blade is pointing in (if you picked up the sword too quickly: NE) for half a mile.

The Treasure[edit]

After about half a mile of walking in the direction the sword was pointing in, on your right you should see a large rock protruding from a steep slope. Head over to the big rock and right near it (virtually underneath it, between it and a smaller rock) there is a chest (map location). The chest is locked and can only be opened using the Key of Hidden Wealth found in the first chest. Inside the chest is a leveled dagger and a mysterious note entitled Note of Bounty reading:

Blessed are those who explore the unbeaten path...

The dagger is a boss-level dagger that will always be of the best possible quality for your character's level at the time they first entered the vicinity of Fort Coldcorn. At level 3 or above, there is a 25% chance the dagger will be enchanted. This chance rises to 40% at level 6 and 50% at levels 9 and above.


  • This quest is identified in the construction set as an easter egg. The first note is labeled "ClutterEEgg00FortColdcornLoot", the "Note of Bounty" is labeled "ClutterEEgg01", and the reward chests are labeled "WildernessChestFortColdcornEEgg01" and "WildernessChestFortColdcornEEgg02".