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OB-icon-Turnundead.png Reanimate
School Conjuration
Type Other
Effect ID REAN
Base Cost 10
Barter Factor 0
(Click on any item for details)
Staff of Worms
Risen Flesh Power SI

Reanimate for D seconds.

Revives the corpse of a targeted NPC. The spell effect does not work on creatures.

All revived characters will have reddish-pink or blue-black eyes; this is part of the reanimation effect.

When the effect expires (or when the resurrected NPC is killed), any items that automatically appear when the NPC dies are regenerated. Therefore, the effect can be used to obtain unlimited numbers of certain items such as Daedra Hearts from Dremora or Vampire Dust from Vampires.

Unlike summoned creatures or followers, reanimated characters will not turn on you if you happen to hit them, no matter how many times you hit them. This quality makes them good targets for practicing offensive combat skills. However, they retain their original faction memberships; they may decide to help their allies instead of fighting for you, causing them to attack you. For example, if you are fighting off Imperial Guards, kill one, and reanimate it with your Staff of Worms, it may begin attacking you, because it's helping its fellow faction members.


  • Even if you obtain the Risen Flesh power or the test reanimate spell mentioned below, it is not possible to create custom spells or enchantments using this effect.
  • Any NPC that is placed in the construction set with "0" health, will not follow or fight for you after being reanimated. For example, a "Dead Marauder".
  • Attacking reanimated guild members can result in expulsion/banning from said guild.
  • Re-animated NPCs are renamed as though they were summoned by your character (e.g. "<Player's> Bandit").
  • The re-animated NPC possesses a soul that can be trapped in a Black Soul Gem and claimed by Mehrunes Razor when either the spell effect ends or the NPC is killed.
  • There is a reanimate spell in the Construction Set (editor ID TestReanimate, formID 0004A98B) which reanimates a corpse for 30 seconds and costs 45 magicka to cast.