Oblivion:Imperial Legion Battlemage

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Imperial Legion Battlemage
(RefID: 00092644, 00092645, 00092646, 00092647)
Home City The Imperial City
Location Arcane University
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level PC + 10 Class Guard
RefID 00092644
BaseID 0009263A
Other Information
Health 6.8×PC + 103.7 (PC=2-18)
Magicka 1.5×PC + 126 (PC=2-81)
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Respawns Yes
Faction(s) IC Citizens, Imperial Legion, Imperial Legion Battlemage, Imperial Watch
An Imperial Battlemage mounting guard at the Arcane University

Imperial Legion Battlemages are a type of Imperial Legionary. They wear the standard Imperial Legion armor, but rather than the standard helm, they wear a mage's hood. They wield silver longswords and supplement them with various powerful Destruction and Restoration spells.

Three named Battlemages play a part in the Ambush quest for the Mages Guild: Iver, Merete and Thalfin.