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Home City Chorrol
House Honditar's House
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 15 Class Scout
RefID 000C8B80 BaseID 000234B9
Available 10am-8pm every day
OB-icon-Fighter's Stronghold.png 10am-8pm; 12am-6am
Training Trainer (Advanced)Athletics (Advanced) Athletics, Advanced
Other Information
Health 156 Magicka 184
Responsibility 80 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Chorrol Citizen
Honditar in Chorrol

Honditar is an Altmer scout and hunter living in a shack outside of Chorrol. He is an advanced trainer in Athletics, and knows much about the wilderness surrounding the city. If you ask him, he will mark the location of Hackdirt for you on your map.

Although he lives outside the city, Honditar spends much of his time inside the walls. At 6am he wakes up in his shack, and immediately heads into town to practice his archery. He will spend four hours shooting at the target behind the Chorrol Fighters Guild. If it's raining, he will instead go to Fire and Steel and admire Rasheda's wares. At 10am he will travel to the Great Oak to offer Athletics training services and chat with the townspeople. He will stay there until 8pm, before returning to his humble forest abode. If it's not raining he will spend two hours outside his house, enjoying the fresh air. Otherwise he will head inside where he will offer training once again. At 10pm he will have a two-hour meal before going to bed at midnight.

He wears a dark green shirt, huntsman leather pants, and a pair of huntsman moccasins. He uses a steel bow with steel arrows. He also carries a small amount of gold.

When you meet him for the first time, he will politely introduce himself with, "Honditar is the name. I'm a hunter and mountain man." If you ask him about Chorrol, he will advise, "The deer here are skittish. Need to get them quick, or they'll lead you a merry chase. Poison on your arrows can help, and it won't hurt the meat." At any time after reaching the required level, he may refer you to Rusia Bradus for further training in Athletics: "I've heard stories of a woman who traveled the world on foot before settling down somewhere in Cyrodiil... Anvil, I think it was. I believe her name was Bradus? Runia, or Rulia... something like that. If the stories are true, she might be able to train you further." If you ask him about training again after receiving your reference to Rusia, he will provide you with a brief reminder: "You should track down Rusia Bradus in Anvil, and see if she can teach you anything more."

Honditar also has a small amount of information regarding Hackdirt and the related quest. When asked about Dar-Ma, he will respond, "Ah, the comely Argonian lass. You may have met her if you've ever been in her mother's shop, Northern Goods and Trade." He will also dispense some information regarding the town of Hackdirt, with, "About thirty years back, there was some trouble out there. Bad trouble. Legion had to be called in, people killed," and "Still folks living up there, but no one you'd like to meet after dark."

The citizens of Chorrol like to talk about Honditar and his uncanny sense of location. You may hear the townsfolk saying, "You ever talk to Honditar? Odd fellow, but he seems to know his way around these parts," or "That Honditar sure knows his way around this area. Have you spoken with him recently?" Other citizens will respond by agreeing that Honditar knows the area well: "No, I haven't. I've heard that he really knows his way around, though.", "I spoke to him recently. He really knows his way around. Knows every tree, rock, and cave in the area.", "I've heard he knows his way around.", and "People say he's very familiar with the area." Members of the Fighters Guild outside of Chorrol also talk about Honditar, mentioning that he provides Athletics training: "Isn't Honditar an athletics trainer? The hunter in Chorrol?"

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