Oblivion:Elder Scroll

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Book Information
ID 00022db0
See Also Lore version
Value 0 Weight 0.1
Needed for The Ultimate Heist
Found in the following locations:
  • Handed over by a blind moth priest during the quest
Elder Scroll

This is an article about a specific Elder Scroll. For information on Elder Scrolls in general, see Lore:Elder Scrolls.

This is the Elder Scroll stolen in the quest The Ultimate Heist, It’s symbols are identical to the the Thief birthsign.

The background art of the Elder Scroll is a star map of the southern polar region, containing within it most of the southern constellations. The more famous ones are Scorpius (tail part found at the left-hand side), Crux (found at the lower center of the Scroll), and Eridanus (found at the top left-hand side, with Achernar as the large patch).

Elder Scroll.jpg