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The City Guard are members of the Imperial Legion serving as garrison for the cities of Cyrodiil. They are generally seen walking around the city, or at its gates and the castle. Almost all guards in Cyrodiil are Imperials, although there are a few exceptions who are either Redguards, Nords or Bretons. Like most generic NPCs, they will respawn after being killed. There are a few exceptions, but most guards are not on duty 24 hours a day. They work in shifts, just as real guards would. In most cases, a guard spends half a day either at his post or patrolling, then another guard will come to relieve him. He will then go to the nearest guard barracks, chat with other guards, eat and drink, and then finally go to sleep until it's time for his next shift.


Anvil City Guard

Named Guards[edit]

Generic Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0000A0AE 0000A0AF Stables
0000BFF7 0000BFF8 Dock Gate
0000BFFB 0000BFFC Castle Gate
0004EFFB 0004EFFC Main Gate
0000A2A7 0000A2AB Castle Great Hall
0000A2AA 0000A2AE Castle Private Quarters
0000BFDB 0000BFDC Castle Front Gate
0000BE50 0000BE55 Jailor
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
0000BFDF 0000BFE9 Arena - West End
0000BFED 0000BFEE Castle - Harbor Gate
0000BFD7 0000BFD9 Land Gate - Castle


Bravil City Guard

Named Guards[edit]

Generic Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0000A0B0 0000A0B1 Stables
0000A168 0000A169 North Gate
0000A152 0000A15D Castle Gate
0000A156 0000A15E South Gate
0000A17D 0000A17E Jailor
0000A137 0000A13F Castle Great Hall
0000A13A 0000A140 Castle Great Hall
0004EFFD 0004EFFE Castle Main Entrance
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
0000A143 0000A15B City Gate - Castle Bridge -
South Gate - Cathedral
000982FA 000982FB Castle Private Quarters
East Wing - North Wing


Bruma City Guard

Named Guards[edit]

Generic Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
000362A7 000362B0 East Gate
000362AD 000362B1 East Gate
000C87B2 000C87B3 North Gate
000C87B4 000C87B5 North Gate
000362E8 000362EA Castle Great Hall
000362E9 000352EB Castle Great Hall
0000A0B2 0000A0B3 Stables
00037F74 Investigator Guard*
000362ED 000362EC Jailor
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
000362B7 000362C9 Center - North - Arena
000362BD 000362CA Chapel - South - Gate

*Encountered during the A Brotherhood Betrayed quest.


Cheydinhal City Guard

Named Guards[edit]

Generic Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
000055CA 000055CC West Gate
000055CB 000055CD East Gate
0004EF69 0004EF6F West Gate
0004EFF9 0004EFFA East Gate
0000A0B4 0000A0B5 Stables
000055C2 000055C4 Castle County Hall
000055C3 000055C5 Castle County Hall
000055D5 000055D6 Jailor
0003C2C5 Outside Aldos Othran's House.*
0008FD01 Outside the Cheydinhal Oblivion Gate
00031C31 Outside the Cheydinhal Oblivion Gate
0008FD03 Outside the Cheydinhal Oblivion Gate
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
000055C6 000055C8 Northwest - Northeast - Southeast - Southwest**
000055C7 000055C9 Northwest - Southwest - Southeast - Northeast
000055D2 000055D3 Castle Private Quarters

* The guard outside Aldos Othran's House is essential and cannot be killed.
** There is an erroneous entry in both this guard's daytime and nighttime schedules that would send him to Borba's unexpectedly, however it is never actually used due to other entries always taking priority.


Chorrol City Guard

Named Guards[edit]

Generic Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0002ACC3 000222BB South Gate
00022586 000222C0 Castle Gate
00022587 0002ACC4 North Gate
000234A6 000234A5 Castle Great Hall
0000A0B6 0000A0B7 Stables
00028C7F 00028C80 Jailor
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
000233EC 00022584 Castle - Chapel - Fountain - Great Oak - Fountain
000231AA 00022583 Castle - Chapel - Fountain - Great Oak - Chapel
00023189 0002253D Great Oak - Castle - Well
00088D28 Castle Private Quarters East Wing*
00088D29 Castle Private Quarters North Wing*
00088D2A nowhere

*These two work non-stop, they never eat or sleep.

Imperial City[edit]

Imperial Watch

Named Guards[edit]

Arboretum Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
000752F2 000752F3 Palace Gate
000752F4 000752F5 Main Gate
00075256 000752F7 Temple Gate
000752F9 000752F8 Arena Gate
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
000546F2 000546FD Main Gate - Arena Gate - Palace Gate - Temple Gate
000546FA 00054702 Palace Gate - Temple Gate - Main Gate - Arena Gate

Arcane University Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0009263A 0009263B Outer Gate
00092642 00092643 Inner Gate
  • The guards here are Battlemages. In addition to the usual weapon skills, they also have a leveled fire, frost, or shock spell and a Restore Health spell at their disposal. They are easily recognizable by their Mage's Hood.

Arena Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
000752EE 000752EF Palace Gate
000837F1 000752F0 Market Gate
000837F3 000837F4 Arboretum Gate
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
000752F1 000837F2 South - West - North - East

Elven Gardens Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0001633B 0001633E Talos Plaza Gate
0001633C 0001633F Market Gate
0001633D 00016340 Palace Gate
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00016341 00016342 Talos Plaza Gate - Market Gate
00016343 00016344 East Gardens - West Gardens - Northwest - Northeast
00015345 00016346 Main Gate - Northeast - Market Gate - Center
00016347 00017348 Talos Plaza Gate - Center - Palace Gate - Southwest
00016349 0001634A Northwest - Northeast - Southeast - Southwest

Market Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0001C347 0001C348 Main Gate
0001C349 0001C34B Main Gate
0001C34A 0001C34C Palace Gate
0001C336 0001C343 Arena Gate
0001C31F 0001C32A Elven Gardens Gate
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
0001C321 0001C32B Arena Gate - Elven Gardens Gate

Palace Guards[edit]

Palace Guard
ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0010D759 00115DF9 Elder Council Chambers
00115DF6 00115DFA Elder Council Chambers
00115DFB 00115DFC Elder Council Chambers
00115DFD 00115DFE Elder Council Chambers
0006E632 Crypt Door
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00115DF7 00115DF8 Elder Council Chambers
0004A2BF Green Way
000C7619 Green Way
0006E629 Crypt
ID Location
000666FF Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666E7 Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666E9 Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666EB Guard Quarters (asleep)
000666EC Guard Quarters (asleep)
0006653F Library
0006653D Library
00181D1E Chancellor Ocato's Chambers

Prison Guards[edit]


ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
00092B02 00092B06 Outer Gate
00092B03 00092B07 Inner Gate, Check Cells
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00092B04 none Yard East - Yard North - Walk North - Walk East
00092B05 none Yard East - Walk North - Walk East - Yard North


ID Location
0002E5D8 Imperial Prison
0002E5D9 Imperial Subterrene
00045F7F Imperial Subterrene
0002E5DB The Sanctum
0002E5DC The Sanctum
00045F7E Imperial Prison (Taunt)

Talos Plaza Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
00016333 00016336 Main Gate
00016334 00016337 Main Gate
00016335 00016338 Palace Gate
0001632E 00016332 Temple Gate
0001632D 00016331 Elven Gardens Gate
00071F37 Claudius Arcadia's House
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
0001632B 0001632F Elven Gardens Gate - Center - Main Gate - Northwest
0001632C 00016330 Southwest - Temple Gate - Center - Main Gate

Temple Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
00032AF6 00032AF9 Main Gate
00032AF7 00032AFA Main Gate
00032AF8 00032AFB Palace Gate
00032AEE 00032AF3 Talos Plaza Gate
00032AF0 00032AF5 Arboretum Gate
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00032AEC 00032AF1 Northeast - Southeast - Southwest - Northwest
00032AED 00032AF2 Center West - Main Gate - Center East - Palace Gate

Waterfront Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00009C5A 0001C455 Lighthouse - South Docks - North Docks
0001C456 0001C457 Lighthouse - South Docks - North Docks


Leyawiin City Guard

Named Guards[edit]

Generic Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
000353D5 000353D6 East Gate
0003554E 0003554F West Gate
00035562 00035569 East Gate
0003554B 0003533E Castle County Hall
00034E71 0003554D Castle County Hall
0000A0B8 0000A0B9 Stables
00035F8F 00035F8E Jailor
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00035572 0002557A Chapel - S. of Mages Guild - top of steps E. of Blackwood Company Hall - Outside Three Sisters' Inn
00035552 00035564 West Gate - Chapel - top of steps E. of Blackwood Company Hall - New Gate
0001C164 County Hall during Sanguine Shrine quest
0018AD8C Found dead near the city's Oblivion gate


  • The dead guard has been known to respawn. When he does, his body is virtually immobile, his face is fixed in a deformed expression, and his health is extremely low. While he is capable of moving from one cell to the other, he is unable to walk or fight.


Skingrad City Guard

Named Guards[edit]

Generic Guards[edit]

ID(Day) ID(Night) Post
0002937E 0002938E High Gate
00029389 00029394 East Gate
00029398 000293AB West Gate
00029396 000293A9 West Residential Area (at bridge)
00028FBB 00029372 Castle
00029373 00029379 Castle
0000A0BA 0000A0BB Stables
0002C0B6 0002C0B7 Jailor
ID(Day) ID(Night) Patrol
00029397 000293AA North - West Bridge - Chapel - East Bridge - Arena
0002C0C1 0002C0BB Castle: Dining Hall - Courtyard - South Hall - Living Quarters
0000C03D 0000C03E Castle: Great Keep - Ground - Barracks

Crime Dialogue[edit]


  • "Stop right there, criminal scum! Nobody breaks the law on my watch! I'm confiscating your stolen goods. Now pay your fine or it's off to jail."
  • "Stop! You violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit."
  • "It's all over, lawbreaker! Your spree is at an end. I'll take any stolen goods you have. The next move is yours -- Pay your fine, or I haul you away!"
  • "Looks like you are in some trouble. Since we are friends, don't worry. I'll look the other way and take care of that fine for you." (Disposition above 90, bounty less than 1000)
  • "Stop, criminal! I've heard of you. Your criminal exploits are well-known. Pay the fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are forfeit." (Infamy above 100)

Not Enough Gold[edit]

  • "Stop! You violated the law. Since you lack the funds to pay the court, you must serve out your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit."
  • "Well now, what do we have here? Caught in the act and no gold to pay your fine? I'm confiscating your stolen goods. Now it's off to jail with ya!"
  • "Break the law on my watch, will ya? I'll be confiscating your stolen goods. Oh, and no gold to pay your fine, hmm? It's off to the lockup then!"

Go to Jail[edit]

  • "Hope you rot, criminal scum." (If disposition is under 50)
  • "Serve your time peaceably, and pay your debt to society." (Disposition above 50)

Resist Arrest[edit]

  • "Then pay with your blood!"
  • "I'll make Captain for this!" (If the player is disguised as the Gray Fox)


  • "You should have paid the fine!"
  • "Man down! Man down!" (When a fellow guardsman has been killed)
  • "It's the Gray Fox! You're under arrest!" (Only if the player is wearing the Gray Cowl)


  • "Trespassing is against the law! Guards! I'm placing you under arrest!"


  • "Stop! Thief!"
  • "Thief! You won't get away with this!"
  • "You treacherous little filcher, how dare you steal from me!"
  • "I saw that, criminal scum!"
  • "Stay where you are, thief!"
  • "Drop it, you sticky-palmed little worm!"
  • "Put that back, you worthless thief."
  • "Somebody! Help! Come quickly! We've got a burglar!"


  • "You there, stop!"

Pay Gold[edit]

  • "That's too bad. I was hoping you'd resist arrest. Okay. Here's the procedure. We go to the castle. First we search you, confiscate any stolen goods. Then you pay your fine, and we release you." (Disposition below 50)
  • "Here's the procedure. We go to the castle. First we search you, confiscate any stolen goods. Then you pay your fine, and we release you." (Disposition above 50)

Cut Dialogue[edit]

There are two lines of cut dialogue. The first would apply when being arrested with an infamy of more than 100, the second allows the Gray Fox to bribe guards.

  • "So, the infamous criminal surrenders? This calls for a celebration! So... pay the fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are forfeit."
  • "I don't usually take bribes, but I'll look the other way just this once. If I see you again though, I'll have to arrest you."