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(RefID: 00098227)
Location Mephala's Shrine
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level PC+1 Class Assassin
RefID 00098227 BaseID 0001ECD8
Other Information
Health 30 + (4+1)x(PC+0), PC=4-50
Magicka 113 + 3.5x(PC+0) (max=250)
Responsibility 50 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Mephala; DAGeneric

Ciindil is a Bosmer assassin who is a devout worshipper of the Daedric prince Mephala, and can be found with her fellow worshippers at the Shrine of Mephala.

Ciindil spends her entire life in the presence of the Webspinner and divides her time between wandering around and kneeling before the lit candles and the shrine itself. She never pauses to eat or sleep.

She is very straightforward when you first come to the Shrine, simply saying, "I'm not the one you want to talk to." and will not even point you towards Dredena Hlavel.

She wields an iron dagger and wears a set of typical lower-class attire: a collared shirt with green felt linens and buckled shoes. Like the other followers of Mephala, she does not possess any gold.