Oblivion:Chorrol People

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Chorrol People[edit]

Alberic Litte's House
Carmen Litte
Casta Scribonia's House
Casta Scribonia
Castle Chorrol
Countess Arriana Valga Arborwatch
Bittneld the Curse-Bringer
Chanel Trainer (Basic)Destruction (Basic)
Laythe Wavrick
Orgnolf Hairy-Legs
Orok gro-Ghoth
Chapel of Stendarr
Gureryne Selvilo
Orag gra-Bargol Restoration Spells
Otius Loran
Eugal Belette's House
Eugal Belette
Fighters Guild
Kurz gro-Baroth
Lum gro-Baroth Trainer (Advanced)Block (Advanced)
Modryn Oreyn
Sabine Laul Blacksmith Repairs
Fire and Steel
Rasheda Blacksmith (Fire and Steel) Repairs Trainer (Advanced)Armorer (Advanced)
Francois Motierre's House
Francois Motierre [e]
Hides-His-Heart [c]
The Grey Mare
Emfrid Food (The Grey Mare) Innkeeper
Gaturn gro-Gonk
Honditar's House
Honditar Trainer (Advanced)Athletics (Advanced)
Jirolin Doran's House
Ariela Doran
Jirolin Doran
Mages Guild
Alberic Litte Conjuration Spells Trainer (Advanced)Conjuration (Advanced)
Angalmo Alchemist Trainer (Basic)Mysticism (Basic)
Athragar Conjuration Spells Trainer (Advanced)Alteration (Advanced)
Contumeliorus Florius Recharge
Malintus Ancrus' House
Glistel Trainer (Basic)Sneak (Basic)
Malintus Ancrus Trainer (Basic)Security (Basic)
North Country Stables
Bongond Chestnut Horse
Northern Goods and Trade
Seed-Neeus General (Northern Goods and Trade) Trainer (Advanced)Mercantile (Advanced) House Upgrades
The Oak and Crosier
Talasma Food (The Oak and Crosier) Innkeeper
Renoit's Books
Estelle Renoit Books (Renoit's Books)
Reynald Jemane's House
Reynald Jemane [a]
Rimalus Bruiant's House
Rena Bruiant
Rimalus Bruiant
Valus Odiil's House
Valus Odiil
Vilena Donton's House
Vilena Donton
Viranus Donton
Weynon Priory
Brother Piner
Jauffre [d]
Prior Maborel [d]
Antus Odiil [b]
Lazy Kaslowyn
Nermus the Mooch
Rallus Odiil [b]

† Only appears with the Knights of the Nine plug-in.

^aRelocates to Weatherleah after the quest Legacy Lost.
^bRelocate to Odiil Farm during the quest The Killing Field.
^cOnly appears here during The Assassinated Man.
^dNo longer resides here upon completion of Weynon Priory.
^eNo longer resides here upon completion of The Assassinated Man.