Oblivion:Breakneck Cave

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Breakneck Cave
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# of Zones 3
Mixed Monster/Animal Enemies, boss-level Monsters
(1 boss-level Monster)
Console Location Code(s)
BreakneckCaveExterior, BreakneckCave, BreakneckCave02, BreakneckCave03
Great Forest
West of Imperial City, and east of Narfinsel
Breakneck Cave

Breakneck Cave is a medium-sized cave between the Imperial City and Chorrol containing monsters. It contains three zones: Breakneck Cave, Lower Breakneck Cave, and Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber.



Key to Maps
Breakneck Cave, Exterior
  • The exterior is located at coordinates: Tamriel -8, 15
  • This location's map marker (M on map) is named Breakneck Cave (editor name BreakneckCaveMapMarker). The entrance door is N of the marker, 40 feet away.
  • 0-2 Monsters are near the entrance
  • 3 Wilderness Creatures (Forest variety) are near the entrance
  • The following plants can be found near the entrance: 2 Green Stain Cup plants, 5 Monkshood plants, 7 Motherwort plants, 21 Steel-Blue Entoloma plants, 6 Summer Bolete plants, and 14 Viper's Bugloss plants
  • There is a chest hidden in the hollow log closest to the cave entrance, but it contains only minor loot (a few gold and a 15% chance of one lockpick) and does not respawn.

Zone 1: Breakneck Cave[edit]

Breakneck Cave

Be careful in this zone, because every room contains two monsters/animals and you will often have to fight them together. This zone is pretty straightforward; just continue to the door at C. There are three side-rooms, which are worth checking out because the treasure chests in monster caves can contain some very expensive and useful equipment.


  • 9-11 Mixed Monster/Animal Enemies (each 80% probability Monster/Animal, 20% Rat)


Doors and Gates:

Zone 2: Lower Breakneck Cave[edit]

Lower Breakneck Cave

The door opens and you will find yourself in a room with a nuisance animal and a monster/animal, be prepared. After this you can follow a large corridor, the next room is guarded well by two monsters. Then follow the passageway and try to lure the monster/animal at the entrance of the third room into this passageway. If you don't dispose of this enemy before venturing in the third room, you can end up fighting three enemies at once. After the third room you can go ahead to the entrance of the Inner Chamber at D.

Unless you are desperate for some treasure, keep away from the passage to the right. The room to your right contains at least three enemies and the next room two enemies; that means two minor and one medium treasure chests are guarded pretty well. If you fall into one of the chasms in the Inner Chamber you'll arrive in this zone from the door at E and you will be immediately attacked by two foes.


  • 11-12 Mixed Monster/Animal Enemies (each 80% probability Monster/Animal, 20% Rat)


Doors and Gates:

Zone 3: Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber[edit]

Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber

When you entered this zone through the door at D, you can choose to go to your right immediately. This is a bad move, because you will arrive on the bottom of a chasm. If you fight the monster/animal in this chasm, you can easily alert the three enemies in the hall above. A better plan is to go straight ahead when entering the Inner Chamber.

After walking through a small room you enter the first hall. A chasm divides this hall into two parts; it is a good idea to jump across the chasm, because then you can plunder the treasure chest that is located here. This hall has five enemies, but they can be disposed off one at a time. If you fall into the chasm, you need to go back to the Lower Breakneck Cave through the door at E.

A corridor leads to the second hall, which is also divided by a chasm with a bridge. Two monsters/animals dwell in the front of this hall, and the 'boss' monster is located in the back of this hall at A. This hall has two treasure chests with some decent loot.


  • 1 boss-level Monster at location A on map
  • 11-13 Mixed Monster/Animal Enemies (each 80% probability Monster/Animal, 20% Rat)


Doors and Gates:

  • There are two doors (at E and D) in/out of this zone, both leading to the zone Lower Breakneck Cave