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This is a guide on how to properly equip your character with proper armor, weapons, and spells during the higher levels of the game.

Attributes and Skills Past 100[edit]

One of the most important things to remember is that skills (except Acrobatics and Athletics) will not show any additional effect if you magically raise them past 100. On the other hand, most attributes will provide some benefits when increased past 100:

  • For Endurance, your Health and Fatigue will both increase.
  • For Intelligence, the amount of base Magicka you have will continue to go up.
  • For Luck, effective skill levels will continue to be increased (up to the skill cap of 100).
  • For Speed, your character's movement speed will continue to go up.
  • For Strength, your maximum Encumbrance and fatigue will continue to rise, but your melee damage will not increase.
  • For Willpower, your Magicka regeneration rate and fatigue will continue to increase.
  • For Agility, your fatigue will continue to rise, but your damage done by bows will not increase.
  • For Personality, your disposition scores will continue to rise for NPCs and creatures.

Armor Enchantments[edit]

There are two armor skills: Light Armor and Heavy Armor. The strongest unenchanted light armor is Glass Armor, and the strongest heavy armor is Daedric Armor. If you have the Shivering Isles expansion, that changes to Amber Armor and Madness Armor respectively. Glass or Daedric armor is recommended to provide maximum armor rating and armor health. The following are different ways to enchant your items to become immune to different attacks:

100% Chameleon[edit]

There are multiple ways to acquire 100% Chameleon, and therefore be completely undetectable by other NPCs and creatures.

  • 2 Transcendent Sigil Stones that give Chameleon (each gives 30%)
  • 2 Grand Soul enchants (each gives 20%)
  • Create a custom 100% Chameleon spell.

These can, for instance, be used on four of the six pieces in the glass armor set.

To see more about this enchant: 100% Chameleon.

100% Reflect Damage[edit]

To get 100+% Reflect Damage and be immune to most physical attacks, you will need the following:

These three items will provide you with 101% Reflect Damage.

100% Resist Magic[edit]

To get 100+% Resist Magic and be invulnerable to magic, the best items to use are:

These three items will provide you with 110% Resist Magic. Should any of the aforementioned items be unavailable you can instead use:

100% Resist Magic can be combined with 100% Reflect Damage.

100% Reflect Spell[edit]

To get 100+% Reflect Spell and be invulnerable to magic, you will need any four of the following:

100 pts Spell Absorption[edit]

Some players find Spell Absorption to be more effective than Reflect Spell. Not only are you invulnerable to magic, but magical attacks will recharge your own magicka reserves. Here's what you need for 100+ pts:

These items will provide you with 109 pts of Spell Absorption.

A combination of Spell Absorption and Reflect Damage is particularly powerful.

113 pts Spell Absorption can be combined with 101% Reflect Damage if you forgo the Spelldrinker's Amulet and use two additional Transcendent Sigil Stones. This is harder to achieve than the Reflect Damage/Resist Magic combo, but more effective.

Obtaining Magic Jewelry[edit]

If you have started the Turning a Blind Eye quest for the Thieves Guild, you can easily collect high level magic amulets and rings by killing the monk that guards the stone. Regardless of whether or not you have completed the quest, or even started the quest at all, he will still re-spawn in that same spot every 73 hours. The monk is in the Shrine of the Moth area. You must also wait 73 hours from exiting the door.

Raven Camoran, whether you kill him in the Sunken Sewers or in Paradise, is carrying a high-quality enchanted ring. See Raven's article for details on exactly what rings you can expect to get from him, when in Paradise he will re-spawn directly every time you kill him, so you can loot his corpse how many times you want, if you´re at level 22+ he will drop Mundane Ring worth 21600 gold and gives you resist magic 50% and spell reflection 35%.

EarilSI in Earil's Mysteries always sells 3 leveled enchanted amulets/rings after resetting his inventory. Note that your Mercantile skill must be at least 50 to be able to purchase these; without the Journeyman-level Mercantile perk, Earil does not sell jewelry.

Weapon Enchantments[edit]

If you do not have access to the Arcane University, or if you don't want to customize your weapons, then Goldbrand is one of the best available weapons. You can use it in conjunction with the Umbra sword for soul trap, and trap creatures in the Azura's Star to keep your weapons recharged.

If you do have access to the university, you can make very powerful daedric weapons. One good general setup is as follows:

  • Elemental Damage
  • Elemental Weakness
  • Weakness to Magic

Every additional hit with this weapon will be stronger against the enemy.

The following is an example of a daedric dagger that was properly enchanted with elemental damage, elemental weakness, and weakness to magic:

If you are low on health, the following daedric dagger can be used in emergencies:

End Game Equipment Example Set[edit]

Set Results

This set will make you immune to most enemy damage, although some damage is not covered by these resistances (for example, arrows, most traps, lava, falling, and drowning). Also any enemies with some form of reflect damage or an elemental shield will damage you when you attack them. If you don't mind reducing some of these values, consider enchanting a piece of armor with Water Breathing. That way you have an immunity to drowning.

Alternatively, the Saviour's Hide gives 25% Resist Magic. Coupled with Ayleid Crown of Lindai, you will have 60% resist magic, so you will only need two pieces with a Resist Magic Sigil Stone to be completely immune, and there's still one more piece to enchant.

Atronach characters may prefer to substitute a couple of high-strength Spell Absorption items instead. Coupled with the 50% Spell Absorption you get from the Atronach Birthsign, you can achieve 100% Spell Absorption, which is more useful to Atronach characters than Resist Magic. Items to consider include:

The final two are usually the best choices, as the first two require that you give up some significant amounts of other protections.