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Oblivion Mobile has six main types of enemies and two different NPC sprites. This bestiary details the different creature types, but does not cover unique creatures such as the Troll King or Jauffre.

Image Name Notes
OM-creature-Champion.gif Champion The player and other major NPCs use this sprite.
OM-creature-NPC.png Citizen Unarmed NPCs who cannot be attacked.
OM-creature-Daedroth.gif Daedroth A hard-hitting Daedra.
OM-creature-Dremora.gif Guard / Mythic Dawn / Dremora Usually hostile humanoids.
OM-creature-Lich.gif Lich A powerful undead wizard.
OM-creature-Scamp.gif Scamp / Goblin A weak enemy with the ability to cast Poison spells.
OM-creature-Ghost.gif Spirit / Ghost A spellcasting form of undead.
OM-creature-Ogre.gif Troll / Ogre A large, primitive humanoid with powerful melee attacks.
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