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Moved from Article[edit]

If your speechcraft level is high enough at maybe 80, like me, you can taunt the guy in the Manor that has the shiny armor. He will attack you if you do so successfully and he carries a key to the basement. Using this key, you will not get in trouble. Also, I tried pressing "corruption" and it didn't work. (Probably because I unsuccessfully taunted Yngling and his liking towards me turned to 0)

Even if this information is true, it needs to be completely rewritten before being added back to the article. It needs to be changed from first-person to second- or third-person. The facts need to be cleaned up (what level of speechcraft is necessary, provide name of NPC not just "guy in shiny armor"). Accurate explanations need to be provided for why the corruption tip did not work. If somebody is willing to verify the facts and do that work, then the information could be added back into the article. --NepheleTalk 19:32, 9 December 2008 (EST)

"The Man In Shiny Armor" is named Star, is a male Nord, and he does carry a "Yngling Manor Basement Key." I taunted him into fighting with a Speechcraft skill of 51. He also carries a sword named "Foeburner", which doesn't have the swirly blue enchanted background, and he has enchanted armor, Bonemold, named "Heart Wall." The other two (the female Orc named Shagar gra-Snagarz and the male Wood Elf Faulgar) lack keys. I'd add this information to the article, but I'm not very good at Wiki formatting, so anyone that so desires may. If it's of any importance, I was playing on the Xbox version. And excuse all the "quotes," please. 23:38, 6 May 2010 (UTC)
Note added. Thanks! rpeh •TCE 10:02, 8 May 2010 (UTC)