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The description here is totally misleading. Sanctuary is not a percent chance to dodge. 100 points of sanctuary does not give you immunity to physical attacks. What it does is directly effect the % chance of getting hit. In my experience, if you would get hit 50% of the time, 50pts of sanctuary will make you invulnerable. Some enemys though, like golden saints, will hit you ~120% of the time normally so even with 100 pts of sancuary, you get hit about 20% of the time. Note, sanctuary is not a percentage.

100 points of sanctuary can be created through normally enchantable clothing items along with armor pieces such as a daedric tower shield which are not limited in quantity. -- 06:28, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

> 100% Chance to Hit?[edit]

I undid this revision because I'd like some examples of creatures / NPCs with a greater than 100% chance to hit, please. rpeh •TCE 15:56, 10 September 2010 (UTC)

Try Sorian and the two orcs in Gandrung caverns. My Sanctuary 100pts ring didn't help me against their occasional hints (however, they were seldom enough to be completely harmless). -- Arvisrend 00:46, 29 October 2010 (UTC)
I've tried giving creatures a 100% Sanctuary ability and when testing with a character with 100 on all stats and skills I could still hit them with relative ease. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 12:24 on May 21, 2011
Gaenor in the tribunal expansion has over 800 luck.He will hit you almost every time if you have 100 sanctuary. — Unsigned comment by (talk) at 01:45 on 26 September 2012
Just to officially close the topic, the text about being invulnerable was removed by an editor back in August and hasn't been challenged since. I think the explanations above explain the mechanics of overcoming the nominal invulnerability. Robin Hoodtalk 18:05, 26 September 2012 (GMT)

"Your chance to-hit is determined by the following formula: Chance to hit = Attacker's weapon skill * 1.25 + Attacker's Attack (e.g. Warrior = 10) - Defender's Sanctuary (e.g. Thief = 10) + (Attacker's Agility - Defender's Agility) * 0.25 + (Attacker's Luck - Defender's Luck) * 0.125"

Assuming max numbers for attacker's weapon skill as a warrior, and attacker/defender agility/luck attributes both maxed at 100:

100*1.25 + 10 - defender's sanctuary + (100-100) * 0.25 + (100-100) * 0.125

which reduces to:

135 - defender's sanctuary

Note that an Orc warrior would use his berserk ability and get an additional +100 attack for 235% chance to hit for 60 seconds.

So with 135 points of sanctuary and an agility/luck equal to your opponent, you would be invulnerable to physical harm from non-orcs. This can easily be done with CE items of clothing/armor. Add on an actual spell, "100 points of Sanctuary for X seconds" and even a berserking Orc won't be able to hit you for the duration. With 196 points of sanctuary from CE items (I also had 165 Agility and Luck) I did Hircine's Hunt in Bloodmoon and none of the werewolves could touch me. Only the five Hands of Almalexia's personal guard have been able to hit me. 14:40, 14 November 2012 (GMT)Golden Sinner

the 5 hands are special. since they have an ability built in them much like the named royal guards in helseths throne room. this passive buff gives them +50 attack fortify constant so these guys will always hit you unless you hardcore exploit the system. it also gives them 50% reflect and a few other op things. this buff is only found on the her hands guards and salas valor and the 5 named guards in the royal palace throne room (except karrod).

sanctuary is kind of nice to have tough i prefer constant restore health most the time since it always helps. sanctuary has the big advantage tough that you dont need to repair your armor as often. tough since your weapon will take damage still you need to repair anyway. which reduces the use again. overall all i see it doing is saving me smithing hammers. if you take mantle of woe into account which deals 20 points sundamage having constant restore health is overall more useful since sundamage cannot be resistet. also worth to note is that when you get paralyzed your dodge chance becomes ZERO no matter your sanctuary.


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