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help plz! touble with bolyn venim[edit]

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i have morrowind gotye on xbox, i am on the fourth trial along the storyline, and i have gotten to be horator on hlaau, and telvanni but i cant get redoran because the bolyn venim guy wont vote for me, which is supposed to happen but wats not happenin is the velim guy will tell me no but will not challenge me to a duel, im starting to get angry because i already had to start the game over when i didnt get the bonebiter bow and now this! what did i do wrong? what can i do to fix this, i know oblivions already out but if anyone still plays and can help me plz do!p.s. this is here because i couldnt find another place to put it 19:10, 10 January 2009 (EST)

Recodnition problem[edit]

When i bring the guys son back to him he will not recodnize that he is there i dont have the note and key so i am wondering if anyone can help me.