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Do feather spells in Morrowind, stack? Spirited Treasure

Yes they do unless its from exactly same spell or item (they stack if from different spells/items), potion effects always stack.
Like : cast n times one spell with feather effect = no stacking; cast few different spells with feather = stacking Ciberzombie (talk) 15:44, 18 October 2016 (UTC)

Possible cause of the Feather Bug[edit]

It appears to me that the feather bug is caused by saving while maximum encumbrance is 0 (strength drained or damaged to 0).

Details of my observations and following experimentation, for those interested:

Observations: I had consumed feather potions and played for a long time. I did not have any encumbrance issues until I made a potion to drain strength and drank it. After loading my file, I noticed my encumbrance was 3055. I drank another feather potion, putting my encumbrance to 0. I played, saved, and loaded; my encumbrance was back to 3055.

Experiment: I still had multiple active feather effects, which I removed with "removeeffects 8". My encumbrance went to 1912032. I drank another feather potion, exited menus (so it would take effect), used "removeeffects 8", and had my encumbrance go to 1912032 again (the feather value of this latest potion wasn't getting added to total encumbrance after effect expiration like the feather values of the other potions were). I loaded the game (the one I saved right before this experiment). This time I drank the feather potion, exited menus so it would take effect, *saved*, loaded, *then* used "removeeffects 8". My encumbrance went up to 2866480, which is 1912032 plus the feather potion's value of 954448. I loaded the game again, used "setstrength" to set my strength to 1 instead of its drained value of 0, setting my maximum encumbrance to 5. I made a feather potion again, drank it, exited the menus, and saved. I loaded the game and used "removeeffects 8". My encumbrance went up to 2866480, meaning that the feather value of the last potion I drank wasn't getting added to my encumbrance upon expiration, unlike the potions that were in effect when I saved the game with a maximum encumbrance of 0.

I feel I can reasonably conclude that when the game is saved with a negative encumbrance and a maximum encumbrance of 0, it saves the current encumbrance as 0 as well.