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Ingame Description[edit]

I added the ingame description (the dialouge of "Garothmuk gro-muzgub") about the weapons.

Enchantment Points[edit]

The Ebony Staff really has 900 enchantment points available? — Unsigned comment by (talk)

Indeed it does. Highest enchantment value for any weapon except for Umbra Sword (2500), but that's already enchanted. The next highest non-enchanted weapon is the Bonemold Longbow at 400. After that, the Daedric Claymore, Dai-katana, and Staff are the next highest melee weapons, at 210. --TheRealLurlock Talk 13:04, 3 February 2007 (EST)
I would prefer to have Enchantments points given as in-game, not construction set values. Does anybody have objections if I change that ? Adjego 08:20, 28 January 2008 (EST)
There's a discussion of the enchantment points at Morrowind_Talk:Enchant#Enchant_Points, where I recently brought up the idea of changing to the in-game values (in large part based on your edits). There haven't been any objections there, so I'd say it's just a matter of somebody who's interested in going through and updating all the pages. If you'd like to volunteer, that would be great :) --NepheleTalk 13:10, 28 January 2008 (EST)
On my way... :-) Adjego 16:10, 4 February 2008 (EST)

Weapon Categories[edit]

Before diving in and creating redirects for every Morrowind weapon, I wanted to post the categories I was going to use for all those weapons to make sure that the categories seem to make sense. The overall idea behind the categories is to try to provide useful groups for readers, taking into account that readers have different preferences. I think many readers will look for weapons primarily based upon their skill and whether they want to fight one-handed or two-handed. So that dictates one whole set of categories. But I think other readers may have a preference for a dagger instead of a shortsword, for example. So for that reason, most weapons are also put into a second category corresponding to the more specific type of item (any unusual weapons will not get this second category, but only the skill/handedness based category).

What that means is that I'm looking at creating the following categories (all category names will be prefixed with "Morrowind-Weapons"):

  • Short Blades (no need for "One Hand" because all are one handed)
    • Daggers
    • Shortswords
    • Tantos
    • Wakizashis
  • Long Blades One Hand
    • Longswords
    • Broadswords
    • Katanas
    • Sabers
  • Long Blades Two Hand
    • Claymores
    • Dai-Katanas
  • Blunts One Hand
    • Maces
    • Clubs
  • Blunts Two Hand Close (I don't understand the close/wide distinction here, but it's being used everywhere now so I kept it. Should they be merged, though, and just have "Blunts Two Hand"; allow the warhammers and staves to provide the close/wide distinction?)
    • Warhammers
  • Blunts Two Hand Wide
    • Staves
  • Axes One Hand
    • War Axes
  • Axes Two Hand
    • Battle Axes
  • Spears (This is the skill name. But both "spears" and "halberds" are types of weapons that appear within the category. Is it worth the trouble of figuring out a way to create additional subcategories?)
  • Throwing (Should there be separate categories for darts, throwing knives, and throwing stars?)
  • Bows
  • Crossbows (Should there be a general "Marksman" category that contains bows, crossbows, and throwing weapons, e.g., all marksman-related weapons?)
  • Arrows
  • Bolts (Should there be a general "Ammunition" category with both arrows and bolts?)

There are obviously a few questions embedded in the list. Does anyone have any feedback? --NepheleTalk 15:17, 25 January 2008 (EST)

Okay, let's take the questions one at a time.
  • The close/wide distinction being idential to the warhammer/staff distinction, I'd say we can keep them together under "Blunts Two Hand". I'm not even sure why they're separate classes in the CS, but it may be that there's a difference in animation for the 3 types of attack which would account for it. Otherwise, there's no reason to keep them doubly separate - it just requires the user of the site to make an extra click for no reason. For the same reason, I don't see that it makes sense to require two clicks for the two Axe categories. All one-handed axes are War Axes, and all two-handed axes are Battle Axes. (The only exception I can think of is the Miner's Pick, which is a one-handed axe, but nobody in their right mind would actually use it in combat.)
  • The name of the skill is "Spear", not "Spears". So the singular would be the skill page, while the plural would be the weapons. Unless you were just wondering about whether to include Halberds separately - they probably should be separate, just in terms of the way they're used. (Halberds can be used with Slash attacks with some degree of usefulness, while Spears are pretty much only for Thrust attacks.)
  • Darts/Knives/Stars... I mean, as long as we're keeping other types separate (e.g. Longsword/Broadsword/Katana/Saber), it makes sense that we'd do the same for Throwing Weapons, even if they're really functionally identical. I don't know about separating Long Bows and Short Bows though - there's really not much point to that.
  • I could see grouping all the Marksman weapons together, with sub-categories for Bows, Crossbows, and Throwing Weapons. Odd thing is that there's only TWO Crossbow types in the game (plus one added by Bloodmoon), so that category will be pretty slim.
  • Arrows and Bolts - there's definitely enough of each (when you count the enchanted varieties) to warrant them being separate categories, and they're definitely used differently - Arrows for Bows and Bolts for Crossbows, so the distinction is far more relevant than, say, Longswords vs. Broadswords. So yes, definitely separate categories for these, grouped under Ammunition, I guess. (You could also group Throwing Weapons under Ammunition as well as general Marksman, since they share the property of being something you equip in a large number that depletes when you use them.) --TheRealLurlock Talk 11:46, 28 January 2008 (EST)
Thanks for the answers Lurlock :)
  • I'll eliminate the close/wide distinction
  • With spears, the point was that the name of the category will be "Morrowind-Weapons-Spears". It's plural as part of the general naming system for the categories, but the category is currently going to contain all weapons governed by the spear skill, both ones named "spear" and ones named "halberd". And I don't see a convenient way to name the categories to allow for one that is "all weapons governed by the spear skill", one that is "all weapons labelled spear", and one that is "all weapons labelled halberd"
  • I'll separate out the darts, knives, and stars
  • I was already separating out the arrows and bolts, as indicated in the above listing. I'll also add some grouped categories for marksman and ammunition.
At this point, I'm thinking I'll go ahead and start making the redirects. Getting them in place will take care of various red links and allow readers to start searching on the item names. NepheleBot can go back through and tweak the categories later if necessary. --NepheleTalk 13:21, 28 January 2008 (EST)
OK, all done. See Category:Morrowind-Weapons for all the categories. Hopefully each subcategory does an adequate job of explaining its contents and how its related to other various categories.... --NepheleTalk 02:44, 29 January 2008 (EST)

(Ancient) Silver Dagger[edit]

I still don't think this needs mentioning on this page. The Ancient Silver Dagger has a different name, is listed on the Special Magic Weapons page rather than here, and has its own redirect. –RpehTCE 10:10, 3 November 2008 (EST)

Hmm, I'd forgotten that they were enchanted. But for the price of a tiny footnote, I don't see that there's much wrong with mentionning it, though if it is mentionned, a link should be added to that page, in addition to the link to Cursed Items. I was just trying to clarify the statement made by the earlier poster who added this. --TheRealLurlock Talk 10:21, 3 November 2008 (EST)

Revamp Redirects[edit]

As with the base armor page, I'm proposing changing all of the individual weapon redirects that point to this page to instead point to the various style pages. For example, the redirect at Ebony Longsword would be changed from Morrowind:Base Weapons#Ebony Longsword to Morrowind:Ebony#Ebony Longsword. The basic reason is that a redirect for a given item should point to the location that contains the most comprehensive information on that item. The style pages now contain far more information than the Base Weapons page (description of the style/material, images, locations of rare items, links to related enchanted items, etc.).

Updating all of the redirects will be a bot job, so it won't really be too difficult to implement. However, I wanted to be sure I wasn't overlooking any complications before making such a large-scale change. --NepheleTalk 17:01, 16 November 2008 (EST)

Small image[edit]

I love the way you guys have added the image of the weapon on the page. But I would love to see this on the Oblivion page because people say that it looks like the ____ but it has a different inventory picture. ~/\_Chaos Demon_/\~ 21:39, 21 December 2008 (EST)


None of the item IDs are right on the whole page. — Unsigned comment by (talk) on 20 March 2009

They're all perfectly right. I'm guessing your problem is that you haven't noticed that the example on the Console page has quotes around the item. Thus, you have to type:
player->additem "ebony longsword" 1

RpehTCE 04:58, 22 March 2009 (EDT)

Orcish Bolts?[edit]

Are there any Orcish Bolts in the game or were they added with the Area Effect Arrows Plug-In (which I can't get since I play the XBox version)? AlcaeusTheWizard 00:31, 8 April 2009 (EDT)

Not many. They can be found in the l_n_wpn_missile_bolt leveled list (level 14+) - sometimes found in guard towers - and two NPCs have some - Sarvur Sadri and Glob gra-Ghasharzol. The easiest place to get them, though, is indeed Aradraen - added by the Area Effect Arrows plug-in. –RpehTCE 00:51, 8 April 2009 (EDT)
Ok. Which guard towers might have the bolts? AlcaeusTheWizard 23:03, 13 April 2009 (EDT)
There are containers in five places that might have them: Two in Cephorad Keep, Interior; 1 in each of Sadrith Mora, Tel Naga Upper Tower; Maar Gan, Outpost; Dagon Fel, Watch Tower; and Ald Redaynia, Tower. –RpehTCE 08:15, 17 April 2009 (EDT)

Ingame Description[edit]

I added the ingame description (the dialouge of "Garothmuk gro-muzgub") about the weapons. — Unsigned comment by (talk) on 9 June 2009

Yes, thank you. However, you might want to start using the Show Preview button as every single edit you made had a broken link, and some of the edits were not in a correct formatting. You might want to look at our Getting Started page for some tips on how to start editing, then play in our Sandbox for a while to practice. If you need any help or advice, please ask one of our mentors. Enjoy! --Mr. Oblivion(T-C) 09:04, 9 June 2009 (EDT)

VFX Ammo[edit]

Where should the VFX_(Alteration-Restore) Bolts (although they're actually arrows) go if anywhere ? --TheAlbinoOrc 23:00, 5 February 2010 (UTC)

Just a reminder in case this got lost in the recent changes, this still needs an answer.--TheAlbinoOrcany_questions? 20:48, 20 July 2010 (UTC)

Daedric Spear[edit]

Where's the best place to get it? Cirith Mara 08:17, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

See this page for the locations of all daedric items. rpeh •TCE 08:55, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

Wrong description of the iron warhammer?[edit]

About in-game descriptions, I've got one question... am I wrong, or is the description of iron warhammer not matching its actual appearance? - ZuTheSkunk 16:22, 23 March 2011 (UTC)

No, it doesn't match. rpeh •TCE 15:18, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

glass dagger weight[edit]

Glass daggers are listed with 1.0 weight while actually they are at 1.8. Since it is some kind of include-template-thingy, I have no idea how to change it. Could someone take care of that please? 08:40, 12 August 2013 (GMT)

They are listed as 1.8 in the table... Where do you see it as 1.0? Jeancey (talk) 08:46, 12 August 2013 (GMT)

Ebony Shortsword minimum Thrust Damage value[edit]

AFAICS Ebony Shortsword's minimum Thrust Damage is 15 (in WM-GOTY+BM+TR+MPP) but it's listed as 12. What patch was that? What is the standard version for the MW Wiki? Should it be changed to 15 in the Wiki? (For me the Bonemold Longbow also has 4 Enchant Points not 40) FeXoR (talk) 09:24, 16 September 2018 (UTC)

Ammo enchant values missing[edit]

Is there a reason for this?

That would because arrows and bolts cannot be enchanted. ParadoxPraxis (talk) 10:36, 30 May 2020 (UTC)

Six House Bell Hammer[edit]

Isn't it technically part of the Ebony set? It's made of a black material, it's strength is between Orcish and Daedric, it was created by Dunmer, AND there's no dedicated ebony war-hammer in Morrowind.-- 12:47, 2 February 2021 (UTC)

It essentially serves that purpose, but since it isn't named as such, we can't add it to the ebony set. --AKB Talk Cont Mail 15:04, 2 February 2021 (UTC)