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TESTool is a mod management, repair and cleaning utility.

  • Version: 1.3 [2004-03-04] No longer updated.
  • Author: Ghostwheel Link to archived webpage
  • Download: Morrowind Modding History
  • For an introduction to the importance of maintaining proper load order for the generation of correctly merged leveled lists and merged objects look at Mod Conflicts.
  • All of these functions are designed with default settings to not affect the original plugins in any way.
  • Each operation will output the details to the same file (TESTool.log), overwriting the details of the previous operation unless the user renames the file before executing another command.
  • A discussion of past controversies regarding mods which specify 'do not clean' can be found at the Official Forums.
  • The following information is a summary only and is not meant to replace the more detailed information and warnings included in the author's documentation.

Generate conflict report[edit]

  • Produces an extremely detailed report of conflicts between plugins.
  • Offers two options for including additional information in the conflict report.

Manage Active Plugins[edit]

  • Open a dialog window similar to the one opened by the Morrowind Launcher 'Data Files' button.
  • Allows the updating of plugin headers and reordering of active plugins in the load list.
    • Note: Reorder feature is very limited. It only allows you to cause the mod(s) to load last (it resets the modified date of the mod(s) in incements of one minute based on the timestamp of the currently last-loading mod).
  • Obsolete: Enhanced mod management functions are offered by Wrye Mash.
  • Additional utilities for load list management include Mlox and Reorder Mods, discussed on the Tools page.

Merge Leveled Lists[edit]

  • Generate a merged leveled lists esp for the active plugins.
  • Warning: The leveled lists generated by this are not correctly sequenced -- with the result that some creatures will not appear as soon as they should.
  • Obsolete: Alternative utilities that produce correctly sequenced leveled lists are Wrye Mash and Tes3cmd.

Merge Objects[edit]

  • Generate a merged objects esp for the active plugins.
  • Warning: This feature requires the user to have some understanding of proper load order and Mod Conflicts in order to avoid adverse results.
  • A discussion of the merge objects function can be found at ES Forumsand Official Forums.

Merge Dialogs[edit]

  • Generate a merged dialogs esp for the active plugins.
  • Warning: This feature is experimental and using a merged dialogs esp will cause problems for some mods. (e.g. LGNPC mods)

Mod Cleaning[edit]

  • Offers two cleaning functions. One places the new esp in the Data Files directory, the other will move the generated plugin to a subfolder named 'Clean'.
  • By default both cleaning commands will copy the specified plugin(s), apply the prefix 'Clean' to the filename and perform the following functions on the new plugin:
    • Remove GMST contamination.
    • Remove empty dialog topics.
    • Remove empty cells.
    • Remove duplicate references.
    • Remove duplicate objects.
  • Offers an option for restricted dialog cleaning and an option for restricted cell cleaning.
  • Offers an option 'Don't change plugin filenames'.
    • Warning If this option is checked, running the command to clean without saving results in 'Clean' subfolder will overwrite the original plugin.
  • Recommendations regarding the proper use of the TESTool cleaning command are offered by abot.

JUST FIX IT![edit]

  • One-click button that updates plugin file headers, executes clean command on all active plugins, and merges leveled lists, objects and dialogs.
    • Warning: Same as for the individual commands. Most mod users therefore recommend against using this function.