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FACT records contain information about factions.

C Field Type/Size Info
+ NAME zstring Faction ID string
+ FNAM zstring Faction name string
* RNAM zstring Rank Names - In practice, there are always 10 RNAM entries, but this is not a requirement.
+ FADT struct
(240 bytes)
Faction data
uint32[2] - Attributes
struct[10] - Rank data
uint32[2] - Attribute modifiers
uint32 - Primary skill modifier
uint32 - Favored skill modifier
uint32 - Faction reaction modifier
int32[7] - Skills - use Skill values found on Skills, ignoring any value of -1.
uint32 - Flags
1 = Hidden from Player
* ANAM string Faction name string

An ANAM/INTV pair occurs for each faction with a reaction adjustment. Multiple entries with the same faction exist in some records, but only the first appears to be used by the game.

INTV int32 Faction reaction value (normally -3 to +3; other values exist and are allowed in the CS, but reportedly may generate errors)