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Slave Market:
Suran Slave Market
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Proprietor Dranas Sarathram
Console Location Code(s)
Suran, Suran Slave Market
Suran, [6,-7]
The Suran Slave Market

The Suran Slave Market is a slave market in Suran.

Ground floor
Bedroom upstairs


  • It is impossible to free any of the slaves by normal means, as there is no key to the cells or their shackles. However, you can still free them by picking the cell door locks, and getting them to follow you with a Command Humanoid spell to some place for which there is a key. The cave of Saturan is the closest such location. The exception to this is the Altmer Yakov, who can be taken to Saturan, and will have the "go free" topic only if the player is in possession of the Saturan Slave Key, but will return only a number of error messages due to him not possessing the necessary scripts to be freed.
  • On the table next to Dranas Sarathram is a small chest containing 399 gold, although taking it is considered stealing. An easy way to get the gold is to enter from the top level, walk halfway down the stairs, and hide behind the curtain so that Dranas does not see you.
  • On the table upstairs is a copy of the Speechcraft skill book Biography of the Wolf Queen.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Dranas Sarathram Male Dunmer Merchant 12 113 136 0 30
Jeelus-Tei Male Argonian Slave 3 53 84 0 30
Seewul Male Argonian Slave 3 53 84 0 30
Tim-Jush Male Argonian Slave 3 53 84 0 30
Yakov Male Altmer Slave 1 45 25 0 5
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