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Speak with three informants in Vivec about the Nerevarine Cult and the Sixth House.
Quest Giver: Caius Cosades in Balmora
Location(s): Vivec
Prerequisite Quest: Gra-Muzgob Informant
Next Quest: Zainsubani Informant
Reward: 200 gold, Promotion in the Blades Faction
Disposition: +10 (Caius Cosades),
+30 (Huleeya),
+20 (Addhiranirr),
+10 (Mehra Milo)
Reputation Gain: +1
ID: A1_V_VivecInformants, A1_10_MehraMilo, A1_6_AddhiranirrInformant, A1_7HuleeyaInformant
Required Level: 3
Difficulty: Low
Huleeya is in a spot of bother.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Return to Caius in Balmora for your orders.
    • Huleeya Informant
    1. Meet with Huleeya at the Black Shalk Cornerclub in Vivec, Foreign Quarter.
    2. Calm the locals and escort Huleeya to Jobasha's Bookshop and receive his notes.
    • Addhiranirr Informant
    1. Meet with Addhiranirr in the Underworks of the St. Olms Canton in Vivec.
    2. Find and tell the excise agent Duvianus Platorius that Addhiranirr has left Vivec.
    3. Receive the information from Addhiranirr.
    • Meet Mehra Milo
    1. Meet with Mehra Milo in the Temple Library of Vivec.
    2. Steal or buy the book Progress of Truth.
  2. Return to Caius in Balmora.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Mehra Milo

Orders from Caius[edit]

After the last errand, Caius tells you to train for a while and come back to him later. Specifically, your character needs to be at least level 3 before Caius will give you the next assignment. At that point, he sends you on a fact-finding mission to the city of Vivec. Your mission is to track down and rendezvous with three people: Addhiranirr, a Khajiit Thieves Guild member in St. Olms, Huleeya, an Argonian Morag Tong assassin at the Black Shalk Cornerclub in the Foreign Quarter, and Mehra Milo, a Tribunal Temple priestess in the Hall of Wisdom of the Temple Canton. Caius is once again looking for any Sixth House or Nerevarine Cult information and he gives you 200 gold for expenses. The quickest way is to take the Silt Strider or the Mages Guild Guide, but feel free to take the scenic route.

Huleeya Informant[edit]

Huleeya is in the Black Shalk Cornerclub, in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks. He should be easy to find, as he is the only Argonian in the room. Unfortunately, Huleeya seems to be having trouble with the locals, who will not let him pass. Talk with the Dunmer Ethys Savil, or one of his two friends, and persuade him to leave the Argonian alone. Raising his disposition a bit will work, but so will homicide. If you try to leave with Huleeya without talking to one of the thugs, they will attack and you will have to protect Huleeya. Please note that attacking the thugs first (in full view of Huleeya) will result in him refusing to talk to you. Once you've solved this, you may escort Huleeya unhindered to Jobasha's Rare Books. Jobasha's bookshop is on the same level as the cornerclub, in the Foreign Quarter Lower Waistworks, just on the opposite side. Once you're inside the bookshop with Huleeya, you will receive one Reputation point for your help and he will give you some notes to take to Caius. Also while at the bookshop, pick up the book Progress of Truth on the second floor far left bookcase as you will be needing it later in this quest. You can steal it when the Ordinator patrols elsewhere, or just buy it.

Addhiranirr Informant[edit]

Addhiranirr is the next closest contact in the St. Olms Canton, southeast of the Foreign Quarter (past the Redoran and next to the St. Delyn cantons). It turns out Addhiranirr is difficult to find as almost no one in St. Olms knows where she is. With enough exploration and questions, you do eventually find her all alone in the northeast Underworks, hiding from a Census and Excise agent. In order to get anything out of her, the agent must be taken care of. The agent in question is Duvianus Platorius, who can be found in St. Olms Waistworks. As usual, you can either kill him or persuade him that Addhiranirr has fled. Note that if you happen to accidentally tell him where Addhiranirr is, you can still get the information Caius wants by raising Addhiranirr's disposition until she will talk to you. Also, if you tell Duvianus Platorius where Addhiranirr is and come back later to talk about the topic 'Addhiranirr', he will give you the response normally given if you had chosen to lie to him. Anyway, once the agent is out of the way, Addhiranirr will let you know that the Sixth House is into smuggling, but no one knows what due to intense secrecy.

Meet Mehra Milo[edit]

The last of the contacts is Mehra Milo. She may be found in the Library of Vivec, located in the Hall of Wisdom in the Temple Canton at the southern end of Vivec. Once you find her and follow her to the back of the library, she will tell you what she knows about the Nerevarine cult. She'll also suggest that you obtain a copy of the book Progress of Truth for Caius. Although the library has a copy of the book, it is under guard, so she suggests trying the local bookshops, even though the book is officially banned by the Tribunal Temple. The copy in the library is the tall book on top of the bookshelf in the southwest corner. Alternatively, you can just buy a copy from Jobasha's Rare Books in the Lower Waistworks of the Foreign Quarter for 150 gold. Other copies can be found at:

Return to Caius[edit]

Return the information to Caius, who will promote you to Journeyman and suggest you take more time to train and do some other guild work to keep your cover up. Come back for the next part of the quest in a few days.


  • If you neglect to "lie" to the tax collector, then you'll miss an entry in your journal for Caius and you can never complete the quest.
    • PC This can be fixed with the console commands Journal "A1_V_VivecInformants", 50 and PCRaiseRank "blades".
  • If you are the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, you might not be able to get Huleeya to give you the information. ?
    • PC This can be fixed with the console commands Player->AddItem "bk_A1_7_HuleeyaInformant", 1 and Journal "A1_7HuleeyaInformant", 50.
  • Addhiranirr may react as though you snitched on her to the Census and Excise agent, when you did not. You should be offered the choice to apologize or offer her 300 gold to pay her taxes. This may occur either during the course of this quest, or after you've finished it.
    • Giving her 300 gold to pay her taxes should allow the quest to proceed.

Quest Stages[edit]

The following Quest_ID and Index codes can be used with the Journal Console command to manually update the quest to a certain point.

Vivec Informants (A1_V_VivecInformants)
Index Finishes Quest Journal Entry
1 Caius sent me to Vivec with three tasks: speak with Addhiranirr, a Khajiit Thieves Guild operative in St. Olms; speak with Huleeya, an Argonian in the Foreign Quarter, at the Black Shalk Cornerclub; and speak with Mehra Milo, a Temple priestess at the Hall of Wisdom in the Temple Compound. When I have information about the Nerevarine cult and the Sixth House cult from these three, I report back to Caius. Caius gave me instructions in writing.
50 ☑Finishes quest The Spymaster took my report, and the notes from Huleeya and the 'Progress of Truth.' He needs time to read and digest my report, but in the meantime, he gave me 200 gold to spend and told me to go out and get some guild or freelance jobs, or get some training. When I'm ready, he says to come back, and he'll have new orders for me.
55 ☑Finishes quest The Spymaster promoted me to Journeyman Rank in the Blades. He seems pleased with me, because he also gave me a little present.
Vivec Informants (A1_10_MehraMilo)
10 I found Mehra Milo at the Hall of Wisdom, but she says she cannot talk with me. She must feel she is being watched. She says to meet with me in the back of the library.
20 I found Mehra Milo in the back of the library. She says she knows nothing about the Sixth House, but she is willing to answer my questions about the Nerevarine cult.
30 Mehra Milo says copies of 'Progress of Truth' can be found in the secret libraries of the Hall of Wisdom, but that they are guarded. She says it will be safer to search booksellers for a copy. She says some booksellers will sell outlawed books.
40 Mehra Milo says to tell Caius Cosades that she is worried that she is being watched by Ordinators, and that if something goes wrong, she will leave a message under the agreed code word "amaya".
50 ☑Finishes quest Mehra Milo says the Temple persecutes the Nerevarine cult because they claim the Tribunal are false gods. A group called the Dissident priests disputes Temple doctrine on the Nerevarine prophecies. A book "Progress of Truth" describes the beliefs of the Dissident priests. Mehra Milo says I must get a copy of 'Progress of Truth' to give to the Spymaster.
Vivec Informants (A1_6_AddhiranirrInformant)
5 I'm told that Addhiranirr is hiding because a Census and Excise agent is in the area. She's probably down in the underworks.
10 Addhiranirr will be hiding in the underworks while the Census and Excise agent is in the area.
12 Addhiranirr was too concerned about the Census and Excise agent to answer questions for the Spymaster. Maybe I can do something to get rid of him.
15 When I told the Census and Excise agent that Addhiranirr took a gondola to the mainland, he said he was heading back to the mainland anyway, and would look for her there. Maybe Addhiranirr will be grateful that I've gotten rid of him for her.
30 Addhiranirr was pleased that I'd taken care of the Census and Excise agent she'd been worrying about, and now she's ready to answer my questions on the Nerevarine cult and the Sixth House cult.
45 Addhiranirr says that some smugglers are now working for the Sixth House, but Addhiranirr couldn't find out what they are smuggling. Addhiranirr thought it was strange that smugglers who usually brag about their smuggling are suddenly being very quiet about what they smuggle for the Sixth House. I wonder what is being smuggled, and why it is such a big secret. I think this is the sort of thing Caius Cosades is looking for.
53 When I told the Census and Excise agent to look for Addhiranirr in the underworks, he was pleased. He didn't seem in a hurry to do anything, though. I wonder how Addhiranirr will feel about what I've done.
56 Addhiranirr was angry that I'd told the Census and Excise agent where to find her. Now it's going to be very hard to persuade her to answer my questions on the Nerevarine cult and the Sixth House cult.
60 ☑Finishes quest I finally managed to persuade Addhiranirr to answer my questions on the Nerevarine cult and the Sixth House cult.
Vivec Informants (A1_7HuleeyaInformant)
1 I found Huleeya, but we can't talk at the Black Shalk Cornerclub because some troublesome fools are bothering him. He says he'll answer my questions if I'll travel together with him to Jobasha's Rare Books.
2 Racist thugs are bothering Huleeya. He wants to avoid trouble. Perhaps I can persuade them with words or coin to leave Huleeya alone. Otherwise, Huleeya thinks that there must be bloodshed.
15 I spoke with the troublesome fools bothering Huleeya, and they agreed to leave him alone.
18 Huleeya will follow me to Jobasha's Rare Books. There he will answer my questions.
20 Huleeya has followed me to Jobasha's Rare Books. He says he'll answer my questions here where we can talk in peace.
50 ☑Finishes quest Huleeya hadn't heard of a Sixth House cult, but he knew a lot about the Nerevarine cult. He gave me notes to give to Caius. The main thing I gathered is that the Temple's conflict with the Nerevarine cult is tied up with ancient grievances between the Ashlanders and the Great Houses.

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