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This article is about the spell effect. For the condition, see Vampires. For the NPC, see Vampire (person).

MW-icon-effect-Vampirism.jpg Vampirism
School Destruction
Type Offensive
Base Cost 5
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This effect is given by becoming a vampire. It does not actually do anything beyond altering your appearance to look more vampire-like - the actual effects of being a vampire are represented by their respective effects like any disease. You can only acquire it by catching Porphyric Hemophilia from a vampire and then resting 3 days later without curing it. You cannot cure yourself of vampirism once you catch it, except by doing the Cure for Vampirism quest.

Related Effects[edit]

Alchemy Ingredients[edit]

One alchemy ingredient has Vampirism as an effect - Vampire Dust. However, since there are no other ingredients with this effect, and since it's not the first effect, there is no way for it to ever affect you. Consuming Vampire Dust has no effects related to Vampirism.