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Rimintil (rimintil)
Home Town Tel Vos
Location Central Tower
Race Altmer Gender Male
Level 16 Class Crusader
Other Information
Health 150 Magicka 132
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Telvanni Oathman(Oathman)

Rimintil is an Altmer crusader who lives in the central tower of Tel Vos. For some reason, Mistress Dratha has a problem with him, one that Raven Omayn will ask you to solve.

He wears a near full set of Dwemer armor, including the cuirass, both pauldrons, both bracers, greaves, and boots along with a helm of wounding, a blessed tower shield, an extravagant shirt with matching pants, and an ancestor's ring. He carries a snowy crown and a silver flamesword. Aside from his natural weaknesses to fire, frost, shock and magicka, his natural bonus to magicka, and resistance to disease, he knows the following spells: Wearying Touch, Shockbloom, Potent Poison [Ranged], Lightning Storm, Greater Fireball, and Vivec's Wrath.

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