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A large number of the characters in Morrowind are NPCs who have no relevance to any quests and do not provide any type of service. Basically, these NPCs are just generic town occupants or generic enemies in caves but they happen to have a name (unlike other Elder Scrolls games, such as Oblivion, where generic enemies are not given names).

Because there is nothing interesting to say about these characters, they do not have individual descriptive pages on this site. The statistics for these NPCs are simply summarized in the article describing the NPC's location. For example, Minassour is a character found in Zainab Camp and therefore his information is available on the Zainab Camp article. Redirects have also been set up for all non-relevant NPCs, which means for example that a link for Minassour will take you straight to the correct article.

If you would like to find a non-relevant NPC, there is a category listing them all. Also, the same tools you can use to find any other NPC in the game will work:

  • If you know the NPC's name, type it into the "search" box on the left side of any page and click "Go".
  • You can browse the Morrowind-NPCs category, where all NPCs are listed by name.
  • You can browse the Morrowind-NPCs-by-Race category, where all NPCs are listed by race.
  • You can browse the Morrowind-NPCs-by-Class category, where all NPCs are listed by class.
  • You can browse the People pages, where all NPCs are listed by location.


In order to be considered relevant, an NPC must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • The NPC provides a service, of any type. This includes NPCs who are hostile and only provide a service if you Calm them first.
  • The NPC is related to a quest. This does not include all hostile NPCs you will encounter in a location where you've been sent on a quest. These are only counted if it is required that you interact with these NPCs in order to complete the quest (e.g., the quest sends you out to kill them, or the NPC is carrying an item you need for a quest). Note that the NPC should be involved in the quest on an individual basis, rather than as part of a group. Thus, if a quest says "Kill 12 Berne Vampires", or "Free 30 slaves", this does not mean that all Berne Vampires and slaves can be automatically considered relevant, though of course, some are.
  • The NPC has unique dialogue. If an NPC will give you any information, no matter how mundane, that cannot be found anywhere else, they are relevant.
  • The NPC is mentioned by name in dialogue or in books. Very few NPCs will meet this qualification without falling into one of the above groups as well, but there may be some.
  • The NPC is unique in some way other than name.

All NPCs who do not meet one of these criteria are, by elimination, considered to be non-relevant.

It is likely there are some NPCs who are currently mislabeled as non-relevant because their relevance to a quest has been overlooked; these NPCs will be fixed as they are identified.