Morrowind: Kumarahaz

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# of Zones 1
Bandits, Mudcrabs, Shalks, Rats, Slaughterfish
Console Location Code(s)
Azura's Coast, [15,-11]
The entrance to Kumarahaz

Kumarahaz is a bandit cave northeast of Tel Branora, and a little east of the Abebaal Egg Mine.

This is a rather large cave with many weak enemies, as well as five bandits. Besides the limeware bowl worth 520 gold, and the two gold-filled trapped chests in the hidden tunnels, there is merely some random loot in the containers.


  • To find the trapped chest, follow the main trail from the door to a platform. Turn onto a partially submerged trail heading to the west. Look up along the wall for a shelf; jump up or levitate up to it.
  • There is a second chest with gold down a tunnel heading north, guarded by either a rat or a shalk.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Adil Norvayn Male Dunmer Warrior 2 58 82 0 90
Alvos Sadri Male Dunmer Knight 1 45 80 0 90
Daynila Andrano Female Dunmer Rogue 1 35 80 0 90
Idula Moren Female Dunmer Knight 4 62 86 0 90
Tanur Llaram Male Dunmer Enforcer 3 49 84 0 90