Morrowind:Imperial Legion Quests

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Imperial Legion Quests[edit]

In order to receive any of your quest orders you must be wearing a uniform Imperial Legion cuirass. When you first join the legion, you are given an Imperial Chain Cuirass which satisfies this requirement. The four other cuirasses that you receive from the legion as your rank increases are also acceptable (Imperial Steel Cuirass, Imperial Templar Knight Cuirass, Duke's Guard Silver Cuirass and the unique Lord's Mail). Your armor other than your cuirass can be of any style. Talking to a superior officer while out of uniform results in a disposition loss of five points and a refusal of the character to continue the conversation; however you do not need to wear your uniform to talk to characters of equal or lower rank, with the exception of Cavortius Albuttian, the Knight of the Garland. If you lose your Imperial cuirass, the article on Imperial Armor provides a list of locations where replacements can be found.


  • Three Legion quests didn't make it into the final version of the game. Information on them can be found here.