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Helviane Desele (helviane desele)
Home Town Suran
Store Desele's House of Earthly Delights
Race Breton Gender Female
Level 12 Class Trader Service
Gold 75 Mercantile Apprentice (25)
Other Information
Health 90 Magicka 156
Alarm 30 Fight 30
Helviane Desele

Helviane Desele is the owner and proprietor of Desele's House of Earthly Delights, a gentleman's club in Suran. She does not have much for sale, other than Moon Sugar and Corkbulb Roots, which grow on several plants in the establishment, so she will have a (slowly) restocking supply. She also has plenty of liquor to sell, but apparently not to you. She will purchase any ingredients you might have. Keep in mind though that, like most non-Khajiit merchants, she will not do business with you if you are already carrying Moon Sugar (or Skooma). Desele evidently owes some protection money to the Camonna Tong, and the Fighters Guild will employ you to collect it.

Related Quests[edit]

Fighters Guild[edit]

House Redoran[edit]


  • Umbra: Help this depressed Orc warrior in achieving his final request.


  • Negative numbers indicate restocking items.
    • Items with a % in the Qty column are found growing on plants in the store, which will restock over time, not instantly like other restocking wares.
Item Qty
Corkbulb Root 6(80%)
Moon Sugar 1


  • Talking to Desele about "Latest Rumors" will begin the Umbra quest, though your journal will report that you talked to Ashumanu Eraishah instead.
  • During the Oblivion quest Unearthing Mehrunes Razor, a note can be found in Sundercliff Forge, written from one of the forge workers to his beloved. In it he writes, "I'm pleased and surprised to hear that you've begun saving for our own home already. You say you're working for somebody named Desele? The pay must be very good..."
  • Desele's House of Earthly Delights appears in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, despite the fact that ESO is set many centuries in the past.