Morrowind: Gimothran Ancestral Tomb

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Gimothran Ancestral Tomb
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Console Location Code(s)
Gimothran Ancestral Tomb
Molag Amur, [9,3]
Gimothran Ancestral Tomb

Gimothran Ancestral Tomb is a mid-sized tomb on the northern edge of the Molag Amur region, south of Falensarano. There are five undead guarding the tomb, as well as an Orc named Koffutto Gilgar. Gilgar possesses the Staff of Hasedoki.

There are no known members of the Gimothran family.


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Koffutto Gilgar Male Orc Sorcerer 15 175 148 0 90 Carries the Staff of Hasedoki


  • You can find some minor weapons and armor, including an Imperial Dragonscale Helm, as well as some ingredients, a scroll, the books Overview of Gods and Worship and Saryoni's Sermons, and a journeyman's probe.
  • There is also A scrawled note explaining that the Staff of Hasedoki is on the other side of the door opposite the author of the note, Vulpriss Denisson, who died trying to disarm the trap on it.
  • There are two keys found in the first room (one for two doors, and the other for two chests), but neither opens the final trapped door with the 50pt lock. The Key to Gimothran master burial can be found at Baram Ancestral Tomb, on the body of a "Recently slain Knight", who turns out to be Morty (his ID in the CS is Morty_dead).


Map of Gimothran Ancestral Tomb