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"Necromancy is not illegal, per se, in the Empire, though body and spirit are protected as property, and may not be used without permission of the owner, and public display of the living dead is widely prohibited. Mages may purchase corpses and souls for philosophical research, and may do with them as they wish in private. Necromancers and vampires are widely confused in the public mind, and persecuted, but in remote locations, necromancers are free to pursue their studies without legal interference."
"Necromancy is a loathsome abomination. Necromancers and vampires are foul and evil beyond reckoning, and must be destroyed."
"Under the terms of the Armistice, necromancy defined as "animation and control of a deceased's flesh or spirit" is punishable by death."
"The traditional Dunmer practices of sanctified invocation of spiritual and bodily remains to protect sacred and family property are universally approved and protected by Temple and Imperial law."
"According to the Dunmer, animation or control of a deceased's flesh or spirit is righteous when practiced according to established cult ritual, but illegal and abominable when practiced by secular sorcerers. However, in Telvanni districts, necromancy is privately practiced by wizards in defiance of Temple censure."
"Necromancy is an evil magic that forces the spirits and remains of our ancestors to serve a black sorcerer. There is no greater evil than profaning the bones or spirits of our fathers."
"The traditional Dunmer practices of ancestor worship are NOT necromancy. Only ignorant outlanders could confuse our sacred practices with the vile sorceries of necromancers."
"Necromancy is the evil sorcery of the invaders, an abomination to our ancestors. All true Dunmer worship their ancestors, and honor their traditions. Our ancestors now are mad with shame and hatred, seeing us brought low by beasts and lesser races. Only when we have driven the foreigners from the land can our ancestors rest." (said by Dreamers)
"Necromancy is both illegal and utterly evil according to our custom and religion."
"In ancient days, the Deep Elves and a great host of outlanders from the West came stealing the land of the Dunmer. In that time, Nerevar was the great khan and warleader of the House People, but he honored the Ancient Spirits and the Tribal law, and became as one of us. So, when Nerevar pledged upon his great Ring of the Ancestors, One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star, to honor the ways of the Spirits and rights of the Land, all the Tribes joined the House People fighting a great battle at Red Mountain. Though many Dunmer, Tribesman and Houseman, died at Red Mountain, the Dwemer were defeated and their evil magicks destroyed, and the outlanders driven from the land. But after this great victory, the power-hungry khans of the Great Houses slew Nerevar in secret, set themselves up as gods, and forgot Nerevar's promises to the Tribes. But Nerevar will come again and cast down the false gods, and by the power of his ring will make good his promises, honor the Spirits, and drive the outsiders from the land."
"When the Dunmer followed Veloth to Morrowind, they were many warring clans, with no law or leader in common. One Dunmer warlord, Nerevar, had the ambition to rule all the Dunmer. In that time, House Dwemer were great enchanters, so Nerevar went in secret to a Dwemer smith and asked for an enchanted ring that would help him. The ring gave its wearer great powers of persuasion; for safety, it was enchanted to instantly kill anyone who wore it except Nerevar. The ring was called Moon-and-Star, and it helped Nerevar unite the various clans into the First Council. Later, however, disputes over religion divided the Council, with House Dwemer and House Dagoth on one side and all the other Houses on the other. Dumac and Dagoth invited Orc and Nord clans as allies, and held northwest Morrowind, while Nerevar mustered the other Houses and nomad tribes and marched to meet the Dwemer-Dagoth-Westerner forces. The armies met at Red Mountain, a Dwemer stronghold. The Dwemer were defeated, and terrible sorceries were used, resulting in the utter extermination of House Dwemer, House Dagoth, and their allies. Nerevar died after the battle, and his ring was lost, but Nerevar's alliance survives in Morrowind's ruling political institution, the Grand Council."
"Nerevar was a legendary Dunmer general who, in ancient times, defeated the evil Dwarves, Nords, Orcs, and traitor Dunmer at the Battle of Red Mountain. Nerevar was also one of the founders of the First Council of Great Houses, and friend and companion of Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil, who later became the gods of the Tribunal Temple."
"Ages ago, Nerevar was the greatest Dunmer general, First Councilor, and companion of Vivec, Almalexia, and Sotha Sil, who, with the power of the great Ring of the Ancestors, One-Clan-Under-Moon-and-Star, united the Dunmer Houses to confront the evil Dwemer, the treacherous House Dagoth, and their Western allies at Red Mountain. By Providence, the faithless Dwemer were utterly destroyed, and their allies and the traitor Dagoth Ur were defeated. Nerevar died not long after, but he lived to see the birth of the Temple, and to bless the unity of the Dunmer into the safekeeping of Almsivi, the Temple, and all its communion of saints."
"The Ashlanders have a prophecy that one day a reincarnation of the legendary hero Nerevar will unite the Dunmer against the invaders and restore the ancient Dark Elven nation. But the Tribunal Temple says this is a false and profane superstition, and the Ordinators deal mercilessly with those who profess such beliefs."
Nerevarine cult
"That's an Ashlander cult that believes that the ancient hero Nerevar will be reborn to cast down the Temple and drive the Imperials out of Morrowind."
"An Ashlander religious cult called the Nerevarine cult believes prophecies of a reincarnation of the ancient Dunmer hero Nerevar who will come to cast down the false gods of the Tribunal Temple, and drive all outlanders from Morrowind. The cult is outlawed by the Temple and the Empire."
new play
"Well, it's probably no better than Crassius' old plays, which were awful. "Dance of the Three-Legged Guar" was quite a sight, though."
Nine Divines
"The official religion of the Empire, the Imperial cult, worships the Nine Divines. The Nine Divines are the Aedra Akatosh, Dibella, Arkay, Zenithar, Mara, Stendarr, Kynareth, and Julianos, and the divine god-hero Tiber Septim, founder and patron of the Empire. These are indeed powerful spirits, but they are untrustworthy, and unworthy of worship."
"Foreigners are foolish to worship the Nine as gods, for though both Aedra and Daedra are mighty supernatural beings, neither group is as worthy of trust and faith as the Tribunal. Great power does not make a being a god."
"Many foreigners worship the Nine as gods. They have divine power, like the Daedra, but they are not worthy of worship. Some are better than others, but none are trustworthy."
Nord neighbors
"The Dunmer regard Nords as dangerous savages with a thin veneer of civilization. The Dunmer say everything civilized about the Nords is borrowed from the Dunmer. Nord greed, violence, primitive religion, and sordid history are artifacts of their savage clan culture."
"The Nords of Skyrim are the ancient enemies of the Dunmer. In the time of the Prophet Veloth, the Nords invaded our lands and drove us out of the good places. Later we grew strong and cunning, and we came down and slew them, and took our land back. Since then, we have kept our land free of the Nords, but they are always scheming to return and steal our good places."
"We Nords of Skyrim are big, strong, stubborn, and hardy. We love to fight, and are afraid of nothing."
"The Nords of Skyrim are a tall and fair-haired people, aggressive and fearless in war, industrious and enterprising in trade and exploration. Skilled sailors, they can be found in seaports and settlements along all the coasts and rivers of Tamriel. Strong, stubborn, and hardy, they are famous for their resistance to cold, even magical frost. Violence is an accepted and comfortable aspect of Nord culture, and they cheerfully face battle with an ecstatic ferocity that shocks and appalls their foes."
"Nords are treacherous, violent, and greedy. They've invaded our land in the past, and still have designs on our territories. They are fierce warriors, but impulsive and undisciplined. They are superstitious, and easily cowed by displays of powerful sorcery. They can be as simple and trusting as children, and lack the basic elements of courtesy and diplomacy. As mercenaries, they are useful only on the offensive, and their treatment of unarmed civilians and captives is barbaric."
"These people are our ancient enemies. Like all man races, they are of inferior blood, but otherwise are human in every respect. Are they capable of enlightenment? Do they have souls? Who can say?"